Vampyric amulets

This type of magic is mainly in “attack”(predatory) mod, but and predators also should have one cave where they could hidde them selfs waiting for help of demon or just recovering for big revenge.Do you have some vampyric defense tehniques or directions for making amulets that would protect someone mainly from other vampyres or baneful spirits but that magician still can vampyre all people around, may be astral amulets that can vampyre others for you and anything you would like to shear from your experience :slight_smile:

Vampire can have a Lot of Object of Power, Be it ring, talisman, etc…
For direction Making Protection Talisman, There is many Method you can use,
One for exemple would be to Bind a Spirit that would act as a Protector into one Amulet, Another could be to Create or Find a Sigil for Protection purpose and carve it on the Amulet,

For an Astral Amulet, I have in the Astral a Room where i stock object of this Kind, You can create a Room like this if you want and store Astral Object that you use, There is many ways to create this Kind of Object, Harnessing the Astral Energy specific to protection into a condensed astral Form Like a Talisman a Ring etc… Or if you Know Entities on the Astral, they could give you one or teach you how to make one.

There is many more ways to Do these Things, so feel free to be Creative and find Other way .

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Are you trying to ward off human predators alone,or spirit ones?

In both cases,not everyone uses vampirism,so it is advised one that will make good defense from both vampires and from baneful workings,defenses that take generally different approaches.

What level of vampire are you warding off?Parasite or predator?

These two will have different approaches as well.

For parasite,I would advise creating a simple bubble-based shield.

Engage a trance, form a psi-ball and then expand it until it is big enough to have you inside it,and then empty it out,so you can be there. These are shields,not walls. Make sure that ‘‘positive’’ energy can come in, and ‘‘negative’’ energy can’t. Because closing yourself off completely can have worse consequences. You may choose to see it as a filter,if you want.

If a different shape than a circle like a hexagonal thing appeals to you,use that,and form it around you.And then of course make sure to tie this extremely basic shield into the amulet.

Of course,this shield is so simple,it provides almost no real defense.And it is also a hollow shield that a skilled enemy can break down.To tinker with it,structure it around yourself,with a thread connecting the amulet to the shield,potentially putting a psi-ball into the amulet,connecting a leyline to the shield,so that it can use an alternative power source.

Now as you structure it see it for what it really is:lines. Lines in the universe,all connecting each other through one thing known as consciousness.See the outside of the shield covered in a thick gelatinous paste. Any tendril that attaches to it,will automatically be blocked.

Next,build another layer to the shield,keeping the gelatinous contents separate from the inner layer of the shield.Nothing fancy.Something that needs to break the moment the parasite comes into contact with the first layer.Then connect a line between your right palm and the gelatinous energy.

See it as green,and as toxic,filled with nastiness and worse.Anything you would not want in your aura,put it there.The worst thoughts you can think of,the sickest thing,the most hateful emotions. A good idea,could be to gather some death essence, from wherever,and put it there.Be careful with Death Essence, though,and try not to push it through your body,because having death essence passing through your body isn’t the healthiest thing.

When you’re done with that,close off the inner layer as tightly as you can,without still excluding any positive energies that may want to come in,and keep the outer layer like that.If something comes onto it,it will be affected by the poison inside,and would not reach you.Make sure you program the energy to get the tendril stuck.

Onto the inner layer,you’ve already added a type of filter,which lets good energy pass through and bad energy not.Now,when the tendril gets stuck,you can feed off of your enemy,and take any energy that might be useful,while the filter discards the rest,which includes all the filth you’ve just passed through their body.In fact,you may even choose to connect this layer to you,so that every negative thought is stored for later usage.

This is for a parasite which can destroy them,and some unwary predator. They may send a tendril out,or choose to attack it on the astral or something with a strong shield but find that they can’t do it.However,it would take more to get a vampire of skill.They may tear you up from the inside,or tear down the shield.

A counterattack, might be in order.

In this scenario,visualize four psi-balls,placed at the far corners of the shield. Make sure they are as red as is possible.If you can infuse actual fiery energy into them,molding the element of fire astrally in there,do that. If not then calling them fire,and visualizing it is enough.

Program the energy to break the moment someone with less friendly ambitions comes.

Likewise,put some of your own vampiric familiars,and make sure they strike back.The fire and familiars would give you enough time to prepare a proper attack,should you need to,but most vampires would decide you’re too much work anyway,and just leave.

Quite honestly,not that many conscious vampires in the world.Spirits that do so are relatively parasitic,and the truly powerful vampiric spirits seldom bother to go after unsuspecting humans and have much better sources of energy.As such,they would only come(most of the time) if someone sends them.Human vampires see everyone around them as ‘‘easy prey’’ and as such are much easier to feed off of than someone like you. In any case,it’s more safety. Have good defenses, but don’t overdo it.There’s a difference between a young soldier being in a bunker for 30 days during a war, and an 80-year-old paranoid dude in a bunker for a year because he’s convinced Muslim terrorists are coming.

Where does your physical talisman come into all of this?As a physical anchor to make all this abstract magical energy stuff physical and tangible.Build everything around it as it is a starting point.Open a gateway,if you can,or connect it to a leyline.In any case,make it a power source.Connect it to the four balls,so it can pump fire,to the toxic waste,so it can release your negative emotions,and to the leyline,to keep your shields okay.And make sure to keep these three channels extremely separate. Charge the vessel with the same energies, as a link between sources(leylines or not,gateways,or not) and the constructs(the shields,waste,balls,and familiars).

You can see how to freshen it up,and charge it.Do so monthly, weekly if you’re in a really ‘‘filthy’’ place,and/or really paranoid.

This is an example that just came to mind,rather than something I actually use.

Also,dude,there’s so much hippie stuff to protect you against psychic vampires,just google it and you can see tons of less complicated methods. but this one is a guarantee,in terms of energy,and can be applied to others,because mastering energy manipulation opens a lot of doors.

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Wow thank you for sharing so much informations.

Well my opinion is that is best protection of spirits.I was having an accident when after vampyring a lot of poeple someone try to vampyre me, and i felt a big pull somewhere outhdoors, then i tried a shild and it didnt work, i could felt that he was broking the shild, and after 10 minutes of pulling back and forth i started to visualise a rope that im withdraving (it make taking someone energy exstremly easy), i asked my demon protector to veil me with darknnes that no one can se me on the astral plane, after that pulling stops and then i felt a presence in my room and some figure standing on the door, i felt it or he/she or whatever (but i think it was a male) have a hard time to see me like he search for me, becouse i taked most of my energy back, and after some time he gone.

It doesnt metter i was thinking about warding anything that can vampyrise a magician.

I think making rune sigils for vampyrising would be interesting, for exampel rune “Isa” could stop energy transfer or rune “Raido” could make it faster whiler runa “Teiwas” could brake someones shild".I was working with rune “Hagalaz” on baneful magic and it shows a enormous results.

I will try every method you mentioned.thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

Its a Pleasure to Help those of our Kind!

I don’t work in runes much,but Isa to stop the opponent from fleeing and getting out of it,or striking back. Encasing in ice,if you will. Thurisaz on the other side for obvious battle-reasons. And in the middle,Algiz,as the biggest one. Algiz here being the key that links the passive and defensive and the active and offensive. Why? Ask the runes.

Paint all in red. Lock onto Algiz,and branch out to the other two.

Rune Algiz is a rune of Life and Tree between active principe of Teiwaz and passive Isa.Like in Kabalah the pillar of Joakim and of Boaz.May be

I think it is important to inform those new to vampyrism who yet do not know how to fight and are in proces of becoming.Manily for them i think this theme about self defense in vampyrism would be of great importance,but also for older practiocioner this could be interesting.With knowlage comes power.There could be a lot of great ideas that could transform someones practice and elevate it to a new level, lets say making union of necromancy and vampyrism, when powerful necromantic gods and amulets can help to also master vampyrism, death essence could pull life out of victems or dead spirits could be vampyres as well.

I also Believe that Protection is Important in Vampirism as in any Magickal Practice,

For me Learning to Create Astral Weapon was very important, and its very useful

When your good enough you can even use them while on the Physical to defend against entities coming to you while not in the Astral

Likewise finding internal vampiric aspects,the ancestral brute within.

I think that the first jump I made from a hobbyist vampire,to an actual good predator,was in learning how to feed properly,adapting myself,learning to manipulate energy all of that stuff,but finding this side to me,and undergoing this training.

Finding the predatory samsaric consciousnesses,four entities with ties to me,learning from them and learning how to hunt,from them,gaining new weapons and abilities,from them,and then merging with them.

That,was probably one of the better advancements in acquiring more power and knowledge on how to feed,and experience in feeding since these beings would just summon spirits,from wherever,and sometimes these things would run and I would have to chase them,but other times they were angry,and lashed out,to the point that some of the things I’ve faced in ‘‘training’’ were deadlier than some of the things I’ve chased ‘‘in the field’’.

Two of the worst things I’ve ‘‘hunted’’ were a minotaur-sort of creature in the desert,under the guidance of a spirit that I knew,but I was fighting alone the spirit wasn’t there to help me.First time I defeated something significantly more powerful than me.Other time,it was an entity I’d rather not talk about,suffice to say,it was much stronger than me,and I had an ally. From people I’ve encountered resistance from certain people who were,again,stronger than me.

For me, I consider that i Began a Good Predator when i finally Succed in Changing my Assemblage Point to the ‘‘Predator one’’, When i stopped considering other Human Being as Human and when i started considered them as nothing more then a source of Energitic Food.

Also Coming to Term with My ‘‘NightSide’’ by leaving mostly at Night for sometime, passing long hour in complete Darkness, Was also great to help me change my Assemblage point,

I learned to manipulate Energy before coming to Vampirism so when i enter this Path it was already Learned for the most, (Seeing it, Feeling it, and Hearing it depending on the kind of Energy, Shaping it and using it for my purspose was already Learned)

The Book Nox Infernus by A.W Dray is a Great Read for Any Vampires in my own Opinion