Vampirize a parasitic entity?

Is it possible to filter out that energy and suck their lifeforce without any problems (like taking on aspects of that entity because of the energies).

Depends on the type of parasite, and in most cases the energy no longer has any traits to it once a parasite feeds on it, the energy becomes ambient energy. that’s why when someone practices predatory vampirism they have to filter out any traits and such so the energy is pretty much stripped of traits and anything else besides just pure blank energy.

So you wouldn’t take on any aspects of that entity/thoughtform/whatever kind of parasite it is.


Huh, that’d be interesting, turning the tables on them.


I’ve tried it and it was a success.

I put my left hand before my body around the waist and visualized black energy coming from the parasite moving like a vortex going through a blue filter circle before my left hand and filtering the energy to a blue color. acknowledging the energy as pure filtered life force energy. I immediately felt my Dantien warming up and felt better. The parasitic entity did start moving during the process probably because of the attention I gave it.


If you want to get real daring, you can visualize the entity, , or focus on it, if you can see it in your 3rd eye, then suck the entity into yourself, then, clean you body, aura, and chakras with a strong White/Gold light, to dissolve any negative energies, and use the stolen energy/entity for your personal benefit.
( Kind of like drinking an ounce of cyanide, then taking 2 grams of vitamin C. Probably still die ).
At your own risk