Vampirism to lower defenses

Hello everyone! I saw someone on another post recommends using vampirism to lower someone’s defenses. I’m wondering if anybody could give me some advice on how to do this when it’s somebody that I don’t see in person anymore. Also, are there any other ways to target somebody and lower their defenses? I’m talking about things that are not obvious not basic 101 as I’ve done them all. The reason why this person is Protected is a lot of religious prayer and probably the fact that their psychopathy saves them from feeling a lot of the things that other people might. Any feedback would be awesome as I’ve been working on this target for a long time and keep running into issues which are mostly related to protection. Thank you in advance!

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Visualize the person in question and absorb it. Don’t forget to subdue their ancestors.

If need be, you can always convert the energy of the prayers.

Honestly, I don’t care how many times somebody says prayers, or how often they say prayers, or how many deities they pray to, vampirism is pretty damn effective regardless.

Use a black candle and while gazing at the flame, visualize them. Pull the energy in through your breathe. Do this for about two weeks before cursing them. Or one week. Don’t let them have any energy when you throw the curse.