Vampirism success

Days ago i had some very powerful mega Vampirism success, all i did was i gave it a shot and it was quite successful first time, the target i used was my so called Junkie mate from Dover High school who is nothing but a girlfriend fucker goes around stills other peoples girlfriend and drugs them up and fucks them, just like he did to my cutie pie girlfriend, i will never see again, he gets into that deadly drug speed and ice, so i gave Vampirism a shot, the next couple of days no one has never seen from the idiot, i even asked seen Craig black, no one had seen him, neighbor say he is in hospital or locked up in jail, next day i nocked on his door he answered still score that bag for me, he reply i can’t i been weaked, and paralysis for 3 days i couldn’t move, it felt all my energy got sucked out of me like something flew it and sucked the life force right out of me, give me a couple of days to get over me so he took $55 off me for 2 bags of pot, so if he doesn’t coff up with my pot, i will do it again to him and my so called girlfriend he stoll and end there lives, he has fucked around with the wrong person.

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what steps did you take to get to where you are now? in vampirism.

Watch who you mess with, you never know what people are into.

My personal opinion, I say go balls-to-the-wall, to where he lies in his bed and all of his energy go straight to you and to your Incubus.

“Did you hear about Jeff?”
“Yeah, didn’t leave his house for a month and simply starved to death!”
“Fucking weird, bro.”

Me: :slight_smile: