Vampirism success

Days ago i had some very powerful mega Vampirism success, all i did was i gave it a shot and it was quite successful first time, the target i used was my so called Junkie mate from Dover High school who is nothing but a girlfriend fucker goes around stills other peoples girlfriend and drugs them up and fucks them, just like he did to my cutie pie girlfriend, i will never see again, he gets into that deadly drug speed and ice, so i gave Vampirism a shot, the next couple of days no one has never seen from the idiot, i even asked seen Craig black, no one had seen him, neighbor say he is in hospital or locked up in jail, next day i nocked on his door he answered still score that bag for me, he reply i can’t i been weaked, and paralysis for 3 days i couldn’t move, it felt all my energy got sucked out of me like something flew it and sucked the life force right out of me, give me a couple of days to get over me so he took $55 off me for 2 bags of pot, so if he doesn’t coff up with my pot, i will do it again to him and my so called girlfriend he stoll and end there lives, he has fucked around with the wrong person.

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what steps did you take to get to where you are now? in vampirism.

Practicing the inverted pentagram summoning and Soul travel to Hell while awake sitting down and using my inverted pentagram, with the 6 counter symbols decorated within the Black Star, it is giving me colossal power, i did a sort of a filming of me sitting down filming of the inverted activation sequence so i can fully opening of my inverted pentagram and license me in going to Hell while sitting down, i did see a record of me sitting down and collapse and vanishing to Hell, then i saw my self coming to room and sat down with my inverted pentagram grimoire i designed mystery, all inverted pentagram in my A3 black cover sketch pade actually License me in travelling to Hell and back, i am now hearing Demons.

I usually get Demonic transportation to hell, i using as well im using sigils out of Somnus Dreadwood, vile sigils, i never had to burn any of inverted pentagram, using sigils out of Somnus Dreadwood, my inverted pentagram throughout my book each of my inverted with 5 Somnus Dreadwood vile sigils around each one the inverted powers each vile sigils.

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This is very interesting.

Killing them though… yeesh. I’m worried that if I had the power to kill I might end up using it. I’d love to be able to just do what you did though. Weaken someone who deserved it. I can get quite angry on the spot sometimes. If someone really pisses me off I do a visualisation of absorbing all of their energy. I’m not sure what effect this ends up happening on people. It’s something I do in the moment, not something I meditate for in ritual. After I do it I often feel very energetically bloated, and I have to imagine just leaking it out or giving it to my incubus. When I cool down the next day sometimes I pray to my angels to give the energy back… I should probably be more consistent :unamused: Keep them cursed or not do it at all…

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Watch who you mess with, you never know what people are into.

My personal opinion, I say go balls-to-the-wall, to where he lies in his bed and all of his energy go straight to you and to your Incubus.

“Did you hear about Jeff?”
“Yeah, didn’t leave his house for a month and simply starved to death!”
“Fucking weird, bro.”

Me: :slight_smile: