Vampirism, demons, pacts

I open this subject after reading with a great interest the topic about Lilith.
I would like to have your opinion about demons (or spirits generally speaking), that we could work with in vampirism, in order to affiliate with.
A lot of modern vampiric orders refear to Tiamat, but I never found a clue in original mythology that she have any link with the Undead way. We also have spoken of Lilith in another post. Does someone have other ideas ?
I also know a method that use the egregore of “general vampirism” or a personnal egregore created by the sorcerer


Hi there,

Over the years I’ve casually and at times seriously read and practiced a variety of works of certain organizations out there on Vampirism and found this one very recently. Actually, very soon after purchasing the ebook BALG, I stumbled upon this title and all I can say is it blew my mind. In regards to pact making, it refers to the Goetic Grand Duke Bune in particular for this purpose. I think you may find it interesting.

Ardeth - The Made Vampire

I´ve also come across that book very recently, looks quite interesting

Thanks a lot, Virdon Djinn! I’m downloading it as I write this.

Your welcome, Bran. When I saw this thread, I thought, I must share this. What other books lack in terms of depth and explanation, particularly in regards to social predation and the ways of the world, this book really fills in the gaps about Vampirism. Enticing to be sure. I haven’t made the leap…yet…but it is something I’m considering as I have had previous years of familiarity and practice with this path via another org, but took a break several years ago to delve into other areas.

If this topic is about pacts … what you all pay the demonds?

@ JOY … Pay? A pact is an Unbreakable Oath - in it til the wheels fall off, and beyond … :wink: Z

Never thought Bune was able to do that lol… OH NOW I GET IT maybe. Do you think her ability to summon wealth has to do with vamiprism of another persons???

I also have a inclining about Bune that that is just a mask for someone else :wink:

Interesting think is :
Bune is present in the Lemegeton and is presented has presented is issued of the testament of Solomon, where he is not mentionned…
I found that Ardeth was an excellent book on many points, but I had a serious doubt regarding the statement of Bune as a guide for vampirism.
Many people advice me to look deep in Sumerian civilisation to find archetyp relative to this post mortem condition.
The ONA litterature or Temple of Azagthot make some reference to archetype like Pazuzu, but except the fact that he is a plague bringer, I never found evidence that could reliate him to what we now call vampirism.

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I know of someone who could lead you into that path…You definitely should look further into the Sumerian civilization and Pantheon.
There are lots of information about that, still i have a really big feeling very little persons have ever found the source of it.
Tiamat, Ardet, Cain, Lilith…All powerful vampires…who was the first one though ?
If you find the answer for that then you should start looking into it and with time you will have answers, answers that you will need to go further into that path and only with those answers will you be able to advance in that same path, because the source is the gate between a normal post mortem condition and the one you are speaking of.

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Cain… a vampire?

Cain as the first vampire is something that Michael W Ford devellopped in “the Book of Cain” if my memory is correct. That’s part of the theory of Cain as the son of Lilith and Adam as far as I remember.
To me this is something relative to Michael Ford paradigm only, and that must be efficient inside his magickal system, but I didn’t found historical traces of Cain as “vampire” in any ancient esoteric cult or something similar. But I note that Cain is mentionned as a demon in Lemegton.

That’s different of what Liber Falxifer claims…

Michael W. Ford have some good books dedicated to the subject of vampirism and babilonian deities/demons/spirits (vampiric also)

Threre’s also the Temple of the Vampire, but you gotta afiliate, they centered on this subject

There are indeed connections to Qayin and Vampirism.

Ho l y bullo c k s




lol I just… it hit me…The way you wrote it…

Just spelling it out . . .

…Oryyy these last two posts i must say have all the information anyone needs to start following this path. No i am not saying that one should affilliate to this or that or even read a book from michael ford ( which i do recommend by the way ) but i am saying on the other hand that, somewhere in there lays the answers.

Was really nice just spelling that name and having such a great visit. Thank you UndeadGod
I had only seen him once. Now twice :slight_smile:

What most persons seem not to recognize is that, if there are any other entities on earth besides humans, it is all because of this post mortem condition which can be brought through Vampyrism. One brought this condition to all of them. They all wander the earth since then. They all are vampyres and so are we all, humans. We are just at a arms reach to achieve that same post mortem condition…we just need to embrace it. It…go figure yourself what IT means.

Yes, there are ones who are in their own right, they have nothing to do with that " wave " of creation. Older ones. But still they respect who is behind that " wave " of creation. Mostly all entities that were on earth co-living with the humans, at some point were turned into this condition. The ones that weren’t was because they already were entitled to that condition. Older ones.

That’s interesting UndeadGod333…
In the Argentina cult Qayin/Cain has some faces…

But in Brazil it is called by some as Exu Morte.

I was thinking to work with that being on the future. I can check directly with it then.

Anyway they take offerings and some are earthbound, that is enough said.