Vampiric Tendrils As Astral Weapons


Here is an idea which I like a bit better than casting curses on aggressors. I use astral tendrils to feed on the prana of people but I was wondering if rather than just drain and feed I could use them to manipulate and or damage enemy chakras and auras. I think one could project tendrils that could cut through the chakras of others damaging specific areas in that person(s) life. I also think negative emotions could be transferred from you to your target via tendrils. The goal here is not really to feed but to sabatoge and destroy. I feel this is just more direct than casting a curse or asking a demon to attack someone.

Has anyone ever used a technique like this? And how effective would it be? I’m preparing for a nasty fall out with some people I sense is inevitable. Any tips would be appreciated.


Sounds feasible. And quite practical… Actually I think I have done similar.


How do you use astral tendrils?


Yesterday a terrible person I know was talking in his normal loud annoying voice. I reached out to his Vishuddha Chakra and sharpened one of my tendrils to cut and disrupt the chakra and I used the other tendril to provide support. Instead of using my tendrils like I normally do to extract prana I used them like knives cutting through the chakra. Of course I also used shielding to prevent any counter measures that could be used against me. Right away I noticed his voice and tone got way quieter and he seemed to stumble on his words. He also seemed to have less of an interest on yelling at me. I think it worked ok for a first time experiment but I want to refine it more. I’m not sure though if it could be enough to actually destroy someone but I think it has merit.


Other than visualization is there anything else that should be used? Thanks.


I would say will power and focus. You have to have the stronger will to attack than your victim has to defend. You also have to make sure your energy doesn’t leak out into the victim and is strong and focused enough to cut through other energies. Your third eye should be opened and breathing should be controlled when attacking. I think it’s a good idea to look out for any protective spirits or energies around your target too as they might try to intervene.


It works as well as it works for feeding. Clean, discrete and elegant. I recommend you to practise and master it. It is very useful.


In general, astral work tends to be less effective than ritual, because, in general, rituals set up entire patterns, whereas astral work will do it through already-existing one. However, both of these, can do both.

Experiment for yourself, and see what works, but I will say that there is incredible benefit to mastering things like this, one of which is the ability to cause harm on demand.


I have used servitors to disrupt enemies chakra energy centers and astral body system. Servitors are very versatile.


You can also turn the tendrils into servitors, with curses, bindings, and other such spells built into them to be unleashed.

I used to send curses to people through them, as well as entities.

However Arcane is right, so if you want the tendril servitors and their curses to have any weight, you should create their individual curse patterns, the patterns of the servitors, and everything else in a ritual.


So tendrils can be used as a delivery system for curses and transformed into servitors too.

Would the tendril/servitors interfere with normal vampiric feeding? Are their any specific rituals for this kind of tendril work? And how would you send entities through the tendrils? Sorry about all the questions. It is really interesting all the things that could be done with tendrils. I feel I’ve only scratched the surface of what is possible with them.


I have done a lot of psychic vamping in my day but I take the lazy way route. I like to work with servitors a lot and I have vampiric servitors that can suck the energy of people and store that energy for me until I call on them. So I never really develop the abilities like others in solidify my astral tendrils to vamp other’s energy.

However using tendrils to vamp require a decent ability to control and manipulate energy so with that ability you already develop maybe look into creating psychic attack servitors. This forum has a lot of info on creating servitors.