Vampiric Difficulties

I’m having some issues with vampirism and it is beginning to frustrate the dog shit out of me.

See, I’m able to drain the energy of others. I sometimes find myself reaching an amazing euphoric high with it, and all of my senses - especially my hearing and my sense of smell - are heightened. My stamina is insane. I’ve been using vampirism for this very reason, since I’m usually a person who struggles with lower levels of energy.

However, the majority of the time I feed, I actually don’t get this higher, and instead end up agitated, fatigued, and I have a headache. I’m actually quite irritated now because of a failed feeding session. I’m feeding easily. It just makes me feel shitty.

Any suggestions as to why this is the case?


Do you clean the energy?


Are you filtering the energy that you’re vampirising?


I do not. I’m not quite sure how to?

I hear a lot about filters, but no one explains how to actually visualize them. Would you mind elaborating?

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Filtering is good. Don’t want someone else’s negative energy. But going ony intuition image getting more sleep than you actually need instead of feeling rested you feeling shity.


Imagine the energy flowing into your third eye or sacral chakra. Visualize the energy spinning around the chakra almost like a washing machine. Breathe in and purify the energy and breathe out and push out the toxins. Do this until you feel that the energy is pure. And finally, inhale and concentrate the energy and exhale and move it to the place you want it to be.


You are a life saver! I just tried this method on the same victim (who’s in the other room as I type this from my bedroom) and the results are amazing.


Michelle Belanger’s Psychic Vampire Codex is a pretty good source book on everything related to psychic vampirism. Specifically, check out this page.


I am starting to carry 2 rocks with me one for storing negative and one for storing positive. Its helping me

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Do you use any specific types of stones?

A crystal that I just charged in the full moon for good and a iron slag from a railroad track for the bad

Very nice. Do you notice a difference in feeding? Like, when you fed without the rocks as compared to when you now feed with them?

I took them out in public this weekend and loved it. I did not have any residue might be the word.

That’s perfect! Exactly what I needed. How exactly did you program/consecrate the negative energy rock? I’m thinking about grabbing a rock from my yard and setting it on my altar with a single black candle, filling it with darkness and programming it to absorb all baggage that comes into my being from feeding.

Um the negative rock has molten lava look to it - its actaully Iron slag from the railroad tracks when the break. I have been looking for something all day and there he was looking up from the side door panel - You girl - you looking for me. I was told once dont spend alot of money on magic just be open and your tools will call you.

It funny I just held it in my left hand and and my crystal in the right hand and talked to them… Kinda programming them while someone else was driving this weekend it was Magic in plain sight. I may use the negative to later use in cursing - to wrap w/ copper wire around a candle of something like that.

I thought about doing the same thing actually lol

@Drip last night I plugged into my targets- I always fall asleep when I do this. at 6am I grabbed my stones pushing energy into both - wowser… I feel amazing…

While some of these have been pointed out, a few possible reasons include:
-The consumption of toxic energies
-The overexertion of your will in feeding(more energy wasted in feeding than consumed)
-Extraneous factors, such as guardian spirits and defenses
-Your own personal mental blocks

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