Vampiric a Christian fanatic

A Christian fanatic has continue to spread lies around me and false accusations on youtube. I did wanted to curse him but I think if I could benefit more out of the situation. Some of you who have experience with draining Christian fanatics?

How would draining a fanatic be any different than draining a normal person? It is highly unlikely they would have any sort of protection.

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There is no risk that some of their dumbass traits will be transferred to me?

That’s why you should always filter the energy you draw from people. It helps prevent catching something unwanted.

Prayer = Psychic Energy. If this Christian has people praying for him and sending energy that is programmed to protect him, it might be hard and even dangerous to attack him. Angel thought forms created by the centuries of christians that pray, also might be guarding him. Of course, if you really know how, you might be able to drain the protective energy, and thought forms ( especially with the right tools ).

For what I understand with vampirism the target do not die when it’s depleted. What kills them is rather if they get a virus or something as their immune system would be so weaken that they have no protection. Would the guardian angels even notice and if they do and warns him would it not still requires he have skills in witchcraft?

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The angels know. They see more than humans.

OR, if you got the confidence and willpower, you overtake and vampirize that very same energy.

Can’t find it, but there was a video on YouTube somewhere where this dude went in depth about something like that.

Vampirism IS predatory, and that involves a bit of opportunism as well.

You must be willing to overpower and dominate the prospective prey/opponents energy/defenses.

If the potential energy buffet is even bigger, well…

“I drink your milkshake”

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But I suppose they can be fooled in some ways.