Vampires the occult truth

Looking into vampirism, anyone read this that can validate quality?

Psychic Vampire here, what do u want to know?

If you’re talking about the Konstantinos book, I don’t recall seeing any misinformation in it. He’s a pretty legit author IMO.


Good books and spirits any good practicing methods.

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I have, it’s ok i guess but i really wish Konstantinos would title his books “my opinions on” be more honest that way, mostly it deals with general knowledge of folklore and history then any kind of manual about how to go about doing that type of thing, there is some stuff at the end that hint at it, all in all it’s as good a starting point as any.


Having some sort of physical contact with the person I’m taking energy from works brilliantly… That’s my method. I have tried using tendrils and it does work but I’m not that good at it…
I wasn’t aware i was a psychic vampire til I got into the occult and I haven’t really been taught this by a spirit. I am a natural at it I guess…

My issues are energy imbalance which really bothers me. Either having too much energy or not having enough… I need guidance I guess… I don’t know where to look for.


Michelle Belanger’s Psychic Vampire Codex is better if you’re looking for a how-to guide of psychic vampirism; Konstantinos’ book covers more of the mythology and general background of the vampire than anything practical.


Akhkharu - Vampyre Magick, by Michael Ford


The most usefull books are usually not very practical.

I know the myth of vampires (the suck your blood kind) came from ignorance involving the decomposition of a corpse during one of the plagues. Magic vampirism though I’m not too familiar with. Thanks everyone who provided texts here by the way, now I can expand my knowledge.

Psychic/Emotional Vampyrism is real. Attention is more valuable than time, but not as valuable as value itself, because attention is awareness in the spatial dimension of time, and value is what deems a thing valuable. Everything you ever do, you are doing in a timed state of mind. The state is the end as well as the means to it, as the state enforces it’s thinking mechanisms, it’s ritual mentality, whatever mode of tradition inhabits the state of mind, is what determines it’s influence on physical activity. The factor of repetition has to be taken into account to recognize where hypnosis comes into play, because rule of state is ritual law. Since our habits account for pretty much everything we ever experience, it goes without saying that hypnosis/habit/ritual/tradition/thinking/muscle memory are all forming the same idea. This is where it is paramount to realize the importance of value. The habits, the means as well as the ends, the goals, the process wholly depends on our sense of value. What we deem valuable as a species, as a community, as individuals, and how we ourselves are perceived as valuable, is what determines unconscious feedback into our experience of reality.

What people don’t realize the gravity of is how they dilly dally and squander their energy and attention. Emotion is the energy that fuels our sense of meaning. We give ourselves away without a second thought, a doubt, or a question of the reasoning behind it because we have not formed our own individual idea of what is valuable. We go about mechanical actions because it requires little energy, no emotion, like a sedative disguised as a habit. Too many of us are caught in this meaningless trap of mindless mechanics. We unconsciously store secrets, even away from ourselves, back in subconscious symbol systems, encrypted secret eggs waiting for the right time to crack and hatch. We tend to deny this because we bring everything onto a personal, egotistical level which hinders the maturation of our species. The more we define our own reality, the less we know, thanks to the schizophrenic nature of science, dissection and dissociation. We as a species are going through this shamanic resurrection process in a taboo sort of way, and so it breeds resistance. The body does not want to feel disconnected from the mind, yet that has to happen to invigorate the soul, the triangulation point. Ego is a construct, only a template for the production of emotion which should be utilized according to the structuration of meaning. The ego should not be misused and mistaken as if it was who you are.

Finally, we underestimate the power of the sub/unconscious. To put conscious faith in an idea, to impress upon the deep mind that idea fused with coherent emotion, not taken personally, but used as a precursor to the generation of life within a thoughtform, is to give that idea power and influence over your state of mind. Take time to choose, HONESTLY, what thoughts you want to think, what ideals you want to put stock into, and what beliefs you want to give influence over your logic. Stop letting other people do it for you. Face your fears, help us face our species-wide fears, and let those emotions fuel your purposed passion!!!

This was written as a way to spread awareness so that people don’t get their energy taken from them, so I edited it a little. You can see the advantages to sorcerous stalking here. These emotions and value systems can be hacked by pressuring people into feeling certain emotions which you are coldly calculating symbolic systems put in place to surround them with the proper channels which hold sway over the direction of their output. Does this make sense?


I just started reading Sekhem Apep (Typhonian Vampyre Magick) by Michael Ford and I dig it so far. It looks like the most detailed and serious book on Vampyrism I’ve found.


As people have written, psychic vampirism is real. While I do not consider myself such, I do practice (as an alchemist) psychic vampiric techniques for energy accumulation and I can tell you that it does work. Ever had an emotional high on the subway to and from work? No? Never? Well, try it and you’ll see. I get that every day now… It’s amazingly weird. And my other practices has gotten more efficient as a consequence of simply having more energy to spend.

Check out VK Jehannum’s page if you want to dive deeper into the subject - he has some great posts about it. I can also recommend the writings of John Kreiter about energy management in general. (he also talks about “ancient vampires” as a kind of energy draining dark magicians of sort… very interesting stuff!)

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Here you go, this one is fact based, the best thing I did find so far on real vampires (+Werewolves and Lycans info)

(original source: Underworld movie special edition - documentary found on the dvd itself)

Cheers - you won’t regret looking it all the way through. It also features people that might indeed be 100 percent vampire…;


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