Vampires shadow? Vampirism question

So I read in a book about vampirism, where it talked about being able to make an “astral shadow”, that you can basically send to vampirize people the same way you would with the tendrils.

They didn’t call it an astral shadow but that’s the idea, or something to add to your astral body/etc.

Has anyone heard of, or done this? Is it beneficial? Easy to do? What’s the difference between this and just using tendrils to suck energy from people/etc?

using tendrils is actual energy manipulation, using the astral it’s not exactly directly energy manipulation because an astral shadow can act as a parasite feeding on the attention given to it and in turn bring it back to you, while tendrils is actually feeding from the person’s energy rather than attention.


Yeah I’ve been trying to use tendrils, also just like zoning in on the person until I’m WELL AWARE of their aura/energy and during my inhales, imagining I’m breathing in their energy.

I usually focus on the solar plexus chakra to, and imagine the energy being bright yellow.

Nox Infernus or whatever? The entire book is pretty shit vampirism in general. The best guide to vampirism (that can be found at this time) I’ve seen is this post by arcane : Some basic vampire magic

There used to be a post by someone named Neeros that was really good but he’s since deleted it. Sevarn was also a really good vamp but due to the shift in forum hosts you can’t really find his posts anymore.

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