Vampires and Werewolves

Ok, so this may seem like a silly question but are vampires real? And I don’t mean people that drink blood, get tired in the day, or get fangs and have coffins in their homes. But, the vampires that are read about in novels like Dracula, Interview with the vampire, and Twilight(I know lame). My same question applies to werewolves. Something deep in my bones tells me that yes they do exist. Which is why I am putting the question out there for anyone to share their knowledge or experience on the subject.

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No and no. Imo.

Search the thread here for a lot of varying opinions and options about what’s possible, what explanations for the folklore could be, and why some people describe themselves as vampires.

There’s been a couple of long ones recently. Watch out for people mixing fiction they just read vs actual personal experience - there’s noone here claiming be be the kind you describe, or good reasons if you think about it.


I know “Energy” Vampires do exist. There is several threads here actually that talk about vamprism in that sense. There are even threads here of practicing magicians that have talked about shapeshifting but I believe it was in astral senses.

As for the way the movies make them out to be I can’t say one way or another. This world still has many parts vastly unexplored.


I have heard people about shape shifting into them too. And I think they meant physically not just astrally.

People make a lot of spurious and down right stupid claims in the occult, and like to mix roleplaying with fantasy because they would rather live in delusion, then make the effort to take control of their lives.

You can mould the astral body into any shape you can imagine so, in that sense, werewolves and vampires do exist. A person can take on the spiritual traits of practically anything but that doesn’t change their actual biology.

As for the physical existence of such things? Highly unlikely. In a population approaching 8 billion, I think it would be rather difficult to keep such a thing totally secret, especially in this day and age of satellite surveillance, ever present cell phone cameras, and social media.

One thing I like to keep in mind as I travel down the rabbit hole is that, no matter what someone believes they are, whether an actual vampire, werewolf, god, angel, demon, anteater, dragon or elf, a bullet to the head will end them just as assuredly as any mundane human being, so in reality, it means nothing.


Although I will say I have heard people in my religion (Catholic) say that if vampires are real they are demons shapeshifting into them. So, maybe in that sense they could exist.

In my city its a rumor by the woods of a vampire rall blond in cargo shorts. Not joking hit a girl bty a stret light. Fly whit her. Now in2007 i folloe tis path on search of they, besides nahualism. Conctact all the supost vsmpires in dc. Atlanta etc all fake. So i was conctat by a romanian girl who live in spain and gime links to a page in spanish. Italian french. I can read a few languages. Tis records show history. Legends. Etc and a ritual were the closest u can get to be a vampire. I have videoprof. By back then quality sucks. Now werewolfs u can go to tenese, kentucky. And florida and ask the town peopls tey are outhere. The vampires rituals i read have 3 rites one is Egyptian whit seal. Invoquin death gods. Not astral or shamnan thing i saw tis letters, read it. Not have to believe me.

The uk gate vampire legend was, a not a vampire but a spirt in search of vengeance who run of targets. Was given free will after tat. Rumors wrre he was created in lates 70s,.not much of him now. In mexico city 2013 a chick was caught by a vatican gruop of vampire hunters, and scape. Rumors. Maybe but i knw a lot of trusty peopls all over.

I have heard of a lot of tales too. One of my great grandfather stabbing a pig and it turned out being a woman.

Tat was fast. If want to search tat stile i can recomend a book in amazon. Its at a booklet.or if u speak spanish look in spain legends. And you will find histories. Legends, and more. I. Live in midwest. Usa. And we have tat.

Originally, I am from Nicaragua and the legends of shapeshifters abound there. But, nothing about vampires or werewolves. I still think that demons can take those forms. And maybe that is what people have seen.

On full moon, nicas fear Che Guevara’s ghost will steal their kids. No shit, a Nicaraguan girl said that to me a million years ago. And she was dead serious.

I haven’t heard of that one. But, we have a legend of La Cegua which is a vengeful woman spirit that targets unfaithful men. If you hear her whistle while on an empty road at night she will appear as a beautiful woman luring unfaithful men to their demise.

Rey cuervo. Im not wrong is argentino. I hear tucuman salta are full of witches. Good nights everyone. If need a book to read in amazon try nosferatu. Its by Franklin zbodan. Its estrange booklet to read. Ny everyone.

Yup. There are legends galore about beautiful women luring men at night, when they do something they shouldn’t. I remember La Sucia and several others very similar, from Central America. My favorite was that one where the girl was the devil’s daughter and kidnapped dudes to fart in their faces (no, I am not making this up, the legend does exist).

I had a not-my-girlfriend from Nicaragua. Interesting experience, short lived, but informative.

You are not wrong, I am. And there are many legends in the interior of both provinces, but not in the big cities.

hahahaha, sounds like something I would do! :wink: :smiling_imp:

So, to stay on topic, I think the answer you’re looking for is… dogs.

Imagine a burial. People disperse. Hungry dog digs to bite the body. Someone walks by. Dog goes away. OH MY GOD!!! BOB THE DEAD IS COMING BACK TO LIFE!!!

You get my point. It’s a legend, nothing more. Also, people will make up absurd things to justify stuff… such as Che Guevara stealing your kids during full moon… so kids stay inside and don’t break a leg in a hole they couldn’t see because it was dark, EVEN with the light of a moon that happened to be full.

Psychic vampyres are present and they are many gods and goddesses that teach this practice,Lamashtu is one of those beings as well

Hmmm, maybe…

Vampires and werewolves aren’t physically real, you’re more likely to find them etherically, not like the movies of course. However, psi-vampires are real and either are reincarnated ones or ones who energy system has some kind of detriment to where they require energy to not be low on energy.