Vampire Servitor?

A while back I came across a very interesting person who claimed to be Vlad Dracul himself at a bar. I could feel his presence before we even started communicating with each other. We started talking and he kinda helped me cope with my awakening a little better. Lucius was around too. He kinda helped me overcome the devils that were everywhere and I’m kinda glad he did because i thought it was just me. Anyways I participated in some type of minor ritual with him. Lit a candle, channeled energy, etc. He was speaking a language that was pretty heavy and dark. (Demonic, undead?) Ever since my contact I’ve been acknowledged by this specific spirit over the rest that acts like a servitor or something and seems vampiric by nature. Also in my mirrors and pictures I see these shadow fangs appear on my face. I’ve also had all four of my canines throb in pain every once in a while. I know samael and lilith are around as well. Anyone know anything about this? I can also take energy pretty easily from others and sometimes get super agitated when sounds go off, along with being more sensitive to light and such. Can also be a little telepathic at times and can hear people talking about me with their mind. I can also manipulate energy here and there. Im SUPER sensitive to other people’s energies and alot of people make me uncomfortable. Any advice, opinions, or similar experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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