Vampire bats or something else?

I’m seeing shadows, spirits, things not sure still novel and learning, if the light is low enough they are there, or sometimes I can see them as translucent shapes against a white wall. I should add that there is a cat lady living next door and she has a fairly large “cemetery” in her back yard, and then of course a loved one passed away recently.

It can be artificial as well, a blanket over the head or anything that cuts out the light brings the shadowy shapes. If I stare at the darness long enough I zone out and see the “deeper dark” like curtains opening or a portal I peek through, this is acompanied by a light trans feeling. I see strange critters, animals, sometimes looks like a scene in a deep ocean abyss, or all kinds of humanoids, some human faces I don’t recognise, tentacled floating blobs, floating eyes with shining rays of light that looks like swirly mist, and recently gray aliens, lizards and a fucking big snake, but I think the snake is kundalini stirring inside me.

Sometimes the energy or magnetic suggestions are so strong, it is easy to let them take my hand and lead me, or any other part of my body. I found that consent sometimes is required, things escalate very fast if I invite them, and allow partial possession. For science of course :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

So this afternoon at sunset I was laying on my side, experimenting and paying attention to my thoughts and bodily sensations, as I allowed something vampiric to bite me, again. For science. As usual it nips at the ankles and feet, toes, and it results in the euphoric rush that makes me feel … reckless.

By this time it was dark and I had two light orbs around me, one is above my head and the other one was at my knees. Then I noticed in the shimerring light of this orb shadows arriving and I realised these look like flying bats. Four or five of them came in and like shadows usually do, they come for my mouth or my eyes.

I let them feed, and then I felt a push and the snake moving my body, my hips started to thrust with more force and I felt a desire to be pushed out of my body. However I do not have conscious recollection of astral experience and have no idea how it works. Surrendering and spurring them on the entities tried to get me to sit up but my brain would not allow it. My arms got streched literally elongating in the shadow but I would not budge.

Some attempted manouvers were extreme, some weird, at some point I found myself “flapping my wings rapidly”. I realised this is not going to happen and resisted, but then I felt the incredible build up of energy above me, pumping my fingers felt like the air is think and getting more heavy, so I went along with it but it became nearly impossible to hold on to this insane energy, my hands are too weak.

After that strange experience I felt above me a vortex, raising my arm, it’s like one of the bats are still there and my hand moves in circles along with this insane energy flow.

Does anybody have an explanation of how or what this energy is and are these so called bats something anybody has experienced?

I generally chalk these up as “astral wildlife”, no more or less interesting than the birds in the trees, same with or orbs and those fleeting things in the corner of your vision.

Having hem mess with you uninvited… that’s your choice, but personally I don’t allow it. If I want that kind of thing, I ask for it from entities I have built a relationship with and have some level of trust.

Randoms are shut out by my wards. And I attach critters that think they can dick with me. This is important, because it sends a message that you are not weak and not to be interfered with, it’s boring I know, but saves a lot of heartache in the long run.

So, I’m not sure it’s wise to let them play with you, knowing others will see that you’re game and be encouraged to do so as well. I would not “let them feed”, it’s a recipe for being inundated with freeloading little parasites that don’t give a crap about your wellbeing and can make life very hard for you especially in numbers…

“Do you want ants? This is how you get ants.” :smiley: In this case it’s more like fleas or mosquitos.

Keep up your spiritual hygiene and banish and cleane, then ward your bed and your house. Use that ability to sense energy to get some really meaningful conversations going with intelligent entities that can teach and give you something useful.


Thank you for your sound advice. I have been negligent in checking in with Luna lately.

Luna has been amazing, I have been self sabotaging negative cursed all my life and she has been so good at clearing up that gunk I even received a reading that literally said the curse has been lifted, I’m free, and I do feel like a completely different person energetically.

But I have not been clear on instructing what needs be done, and I did let in vampiric entities, so we went on a patrol today and I realised just how flaky my “defences” were.
Today Luna grew, and for the first time I coloured her.

To bolster my personal protection I started using that sigil protection thingy everyone seems to love, I’ll always carry it with me and see how it goes.

Also did the cleansing excersise from King Paimon that transforms the ball into positive energy, and used the mantra below

It will become a routine I will repeat for a few days to see how things go. The critters and animals are gone, but some spirits remain and few of them are familiar regulars.

Also after the patrol and all the clearing and warding, the energy around me feels very heavy, still does as I type this some hours later. Not sure if I should be concerned about that but I don’t feel like there’s anything around that is harming me.


im experiencing the exact same thing, everything the same did you solve your thing? if so how