Vamping through a picture or other links?

Is it possible to vamp someone’s lifeforce through a picture?
I know there are some beliefs that when you get your picture taken a part of your soul essence is in that picture.
Also what about links? Like something that belongs to the victim or something they’ve touched and left their energy on?
If these links work for mind control and baneful majick there has to be a way to use it in vampirism as well.

Any thoughts?

It can be done. I’ve vamped my memories, for crying out loud, and all you need is intent.

Yes, you can do it. From what I understand there are four main methods and intent is the main thing(as Sevarn has mentioned.)

Physical contact: When in the vicinity of another’s physical body, your astral bodies overlap and merge.

Eye contact: What is in your field of vision you are connected too via the refraction of light.

Sympathetic contact: Items that have been in contact at one time with another person. The more contact it has had the more astral contact, therefore the greater connection/link.

Mental contact: Taking through mind alone. Making use of the space-time connection that all that is, has been, or will be, is connected. Being in the present moment and freeing yourself from the concept that there is space between you and the target and that there is actually a flow of time. Merging with the eternal present moment.

So in regards to you question, Musta, a picture is a direct link to another person through all four of these methods if you only see it to be.

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Thanks guys!
This is gonna skyrocket my vamping abilities!