Valentine's Day and Death

I have a few goals in life. Mainly, to devour a god. I’ve accelerated in attacking on the physical plane- I’ve made nosebleeds happen from feeding, put people to sleep, and almost killed someone. I’m aiming to correct that last part.

Anyways, Valentine’s Day (daaawww) approaches soon. A few friends of mine are in relationships, and I know them to be passionate beings.

So I want to feed off of this love. I can just FEEL that the day will be brimming with energy, and what undead would I be if I didn’t use said energy to go and kill someone?

So I need opinions.

For one, how much do you think I should take? I don’t want to overload myself, that happened once and it annoyed me. The death that I’m working towards is aimed to happen in a feeding, rather than a spell.

Another, just what kind of people should I feed off of? I’m thinking a few friends of mine, but then again I could feed off an entire school and get diverse energy. I want to get enough so that my servitor can grow too, but I also want to kill this pest.

Why? The creature in question is a true, unquestionable pest. It annoys a nation. That is all I will say in regards to the work that needs to be done.

Anyway, who else has fed off of this disturbingly vibrant day? Apologies if I sound a bit bitter.

Feed off high-schoolers - you’ll have the added plus that it’ll prevent a few unplanned pregnancies, and whole lot of unwanted STDs. :slight_smile:

Ahaha! Brilliant. Now, I need to prepare a working that actually USES said love energy. It’s sure to be in abundance, and I don’t want to quite literally OD on love. That’d be bad.

Say, what entities have an affinity for love energy?

If you like to use Goetia entities, beings like Beleth work well. Ronove is not bad as well. They do what must be done. Using these two paired up can produce quite a bit of social effect. Valentine’s day is more seemingly for ‘social energy’ than ‘love’.

I have a special event planned for V-Day. It’s going to deal largely with invoking demons and instilling fear in the nearest high school.

I’ll experiment. See what incantations. speaking as a demon/Black God, produce what effects.

I’ll let you fellows know how much fear, love, social energy, and death I feed off of. My biggest meal yet? Probably.