Valentine’s Day rose water 💋

So today I am making a rose water that you and your lover can drink. This rose water enhances your chances of getting laid, get rid of negativity, and increase a positive mood. It’s also super easy to do just have to focus on your intent. Sooo you need three roses fully alive, 2 red, one pink. MAKE SURE YOU USE PURIFIED WATER !! So you will boiled half of the rose petals and leave the other half in a pitcher of cold water as you boil the first half . About midway through boiling them add in 3 big spoon fulls of sugar. Let the boiled rose water sit until room temperature then add in to the already cold rose water . Waaaalaaaaa that’s it. Hope this helps some people out for today :kiss::dancer:t4:


I will try this with my gf thank you so much for sharing this