Valefor & Belial. Are there any copywriters here?

Curious if anyone here has used the help of spirits to grow in persuasive writing and advancing on a path as a copywriter


In 72 angels of magick there are several angel that you may use to improve your writing skills, and from experience I came from being worse write till now I don’t find difficult to write. Words flow effortlessly now days. Thanks to angel Daniel.

So if you work with angels pass through the book, you will get what you need.

Goetia path working by corwin hangrove too it has a demon for improving writing abilities.

About copyright thing in both books you will get the angel/demon for improving that.



I got sick for awhile, and actually used magick to start writing again. That worked really well. Now I can’t shut up lol

These were mostly angels from a book called “Angels of Fortune” by Rose Manning. They helped to reboot my life.

In the past, I trained in branding with Jay Conrad Levinson. He became a good friend, so we talked about all kinds of techniques off the record. Have gotten copywriting help from greats such as Joe Sugarman and Clayton Makepeace.

Also trained with John Carlton, but he was a PITA. I don’t think I finished. Much prefer easy going writers such as Frank Kern.

So I’ll answer whatever you need — magickally or otherwise.

I’d definitely take the advice from @Akhtyahussein. I haven’t worked with angel Daniel yet, but Akhtyahussein definitely knows what he’s doing. He’s skilled like whoaaa!

Are you learning to copywrite for yourself or others? Are you in a program like AWAI or is this self-directed learning?

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I am none of the above, I am just writing for my blog. It’s something I love to do, so it’s not anything serious yet.

I am still training myself I have thoughts of becoming a writer not a full time job but as side thing to do. But thats not today/tomorrow possibly many years in the future.

But currently I am just enjoying to write on my blog.

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Oh, you’re so humble!

Your intuitive and magick skills are so high, you’ll soon do whatever you want. That’s quite clear.

I wish my intuition was as clear as yours. It was pretty good when I was maybe 6 years old or something, but got so muddled with the pains of life.

That psychic reading thread of yours is quite impressive! If you could see it from my perspective, you’d be like :flushed::exploding_head:

Laser guided!

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Thank you, I really appreciate it.

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The thing with blogs, is unless you have some way to drive traffic to them, they don’t get seen. You can drive traffic to them through consistently posting links to it in front of interested people on any social media or forum.


Well, that’s very true that’s why I created accounts on substack and medium so it will be easier for my content to reach out to people

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Content writer here! I’ve used runes to drive more clients my way. Fehu always brings me more work than I know what to do with.


Do you suggest that?


Yap you may try and see how it goes!!

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