Valefar's "energy vampirism" power - any experiences?

Hello, fellow BALG members!

So, there is certain someone I need to moderately fuck up. Not kill, maybe not even maim, but draw some blood and cause some serious pain in their life.

While researching my Demons of Magick book I found Valefar, and one of his powers sounded quite amazing for this job - “To take the energy of those you name, for your benefit and their decline”.

So the question is - had anyone have used this power? How it worked, how much damage was done, how this “taken” energy felt? How long did it last? Any experiences will be welcome!


I was physically distanced from the person by several hundred miles, so I do not know the impact on them. The energy felt like an ongoing, mild adrenaline buzz. I learned the importance of filtering energy, too. During the five days I felt 2-3 “habits” that arose, seemingly out of nowhere. I eventually figured out it “came with the package” so to speak, of vamping energy. This energy came with minimal effort, on my part.


Traditionally Valefar tempts people to steal and is in charge of a good relationship among thieves. Valefar is considered a good familiar by his associates “till they are caught in the trap”.

I think the original source was referring to the theft of material things. Valefar being associated with vampirism is a relatively new concept which is upg. Maybe he can assist you with the theft of life force but he sounds untrustworthy from a traditional point of view.

I never had a need to filter or had a problem with the energy I took. Filtering is also a new concept that became popular in the last few years. All of the old school vampires and grimoires from back in the day never had a use for filtering either.

I think filtering is vampirism with extra steps.


Just after watching his sigil and his magical image, I always tend to take away things if they are left open.

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Thank you for your answer!

I had my concerns about such “side effects”, yes. Can you please tell how did you filter this energy? I thought about mentioning that energy must come to me in purified, clean form, while stating my request to the demon, can it work, or is some other practice required?

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I strongly recommend “Angels of Wrath” by GOM.
You can feel the greatness and terror in your heart even when you just start the ritual.
After finishing, you will find huge peace of revenge and justice.
Angels of Wrath shouldnt be used for simple negativity but it is perfect for huge injustice.


Well he is an expert in healing and regeneration but as for vampire magick… Hmmm…

Ose can also vampirize. Depending on who you are and what you are trying to do, she may be a better match for you.