Valáta, Goddess of Inspiration, Love, & Legacy

“The lips which have drunk of this deadly cup will remain changed and trembling; the hearts, once burnt with this delirium, will thereafter find the prevailing springs of love insipid.”

“A, fayr syr, said syre Tristram, are ye not a louer?
Mary, fy on that crafte! said sir Dynadan.
That is euylle said, said sire Tristram,
For a knyt maye neuer be of prowesse-
But yf he be a louer.”

“We rightly locate the fever of Love in the blood.”

Colours: Deep blue, silver, and gold

Numbers: 7, 9, 11

Hours: Sunrise and sunset, 8PM, any time the Moon is in Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra, or Pisces

Tarot: the Star, Temperance, Justice, the suit of Cups, the Queen of Cups, the Ace of Swords

Runes: many (meditate on the sigil), most overtly Vend, Lögr, and Týr; Pairþra is also key

Celestial affinities: Under the Black Sun’s influence, the Moon, Venus, Neptune; Polaris

Incense: Fond of a circle of frankincense around a large chunk of myrrh, dusted with dried verbena

Flowers: Cyclamen (especially red and white), tulips, hyacinth, blue verbena (yes, it’s rare); other plants include mistletoe and both English and Baltic ivy

Other symbols: The Sun reflecting on the surface of the water; a woman’s hand holding a sword aloft from the water; a swan; a seven-pointed star, point down, flanked by two smaller eight-pointed stars slightly above forming the points of a V; two pale arms with reddened hands holding a bloody heart; a crystalline, gemstone chalice, perhaps a very pale kind of emerald; spiders seem to pop up and behave weirdly friendly in the wake of work with her, the phrase ‘scream of the butterfly’ came up

If I have seemed both absent and secretive lately, this is why: not only was I engaged in the kind of prolonged movement and transformation of energy necessary to bring this wonderful goddess concretely into our reality, but much of the process was VERY secretive, her existence, details, and even name needing to be closely guarded from hostile observers - until, that is, it was too late!

I first saw her years ago, and this was in her Ideal form: not practicing magick or even lending much credence to anything beyond the Jungian polite-language for disguising what were really magickal concepts, I mistook her for a particularly numinous dream-occurence. She was utterly enchanting, took a good long look at me after pulling me into a then-unfamiliar lucid state, and seemed to Know not only me but important and fateful points in the development of the future. Then just as suddenly, she left, promising that we would meet again, and though the lingering power of the dream’s images and feelings remained with me it didn’t take long for the emphatic reality of her statement to slip away from my still mundane mind.

She just strolled into a normal-ass dream, everything else paused, I became aware that it was a dream, we exchanged pleasantries. I became very animated and enamoured and felt like we had a long-standing and very intimate connexion, she ended by saying we'd meet again and strolled out. Before she left I asked her name and she said THALATA [this earlier form from her more distant Ideal state bearing I think not accidental resemblance to the Ancient Greek Θάλαττα]. Then she left, everything snapped back into motion in the dream, and I lost lucidity.

The next time I saw her I was learning and practicing magick, in particular I was pathworking through the runes. Still in the military, I was on an exercise in the field, and the night in question was on one of my days to meditate on and invoke the magick of Pairþra. In a probably thirty-minute nap before my evening guard duty that started at probably three in the morning, I entered what was for me a familiar setting of dreams involving a solitary and hunted existence through a soulless and profaning Brave New World, searching for an end to the City and the possible continuance somewhere of Nature, the Earth and Sky. In a tall apartment tower high in the smog-filled air full of electric lights and dirty descendents of former people, this dream-pattern of unoptimistic defiance was interrupted by a visitor: entering the sequestered room in which I had found myself, Óðinn appeared, and brought with him the lucidity that I had still not mastered on my own - this was always a great indicator in those times of real spiritual contact, bringing gifts I had not yet attained on my own.

He was present secretly in this dream-setting, and intimated a sense of secrecy from that world-ambition’s ‘Archons’: and he said that he was going to entrust me with a great treasure. It was my task to preserve this and keep it safe through some kind of cataclysmic event. He alluded to this treasure as a kind of secret weapon, to clinch victory in the last hour when a great sacrifice needed to be made.

Young and full of bravado all those years ago, I told the scarred sacrificer I would do whatever needed to be done - and he opened a door in the apartment to reveal this treasure and secret weapon. It was a girl.
She looked young, perhaps in her early twenties but with a tranquilizing aura of somehow-sustained innocence. Slender, blonde, and beautfiful, she yet conveyed a remarkable inner strength.

I mentioned already that she was physically without flaw, so it's in a much higher sense that I mean when I say she was utterly RADIANT. It was a kind of golden glow about her that betrayed to me that her blood made her the child of a god.

Óðinn (softly and with undeniable feeling) declared her his child, with the slightly altered name of VALATA, and I knew that he did not plan on seeing her again, at least for a very long time. He then told me she had been born from him just then, which didn’t seem at all odd even though she was fully grown and I had seen her, even appearing to be ‘older’, in a dream of at least two years before! Now, I make the obvious comparison to Athena leaping fully grown from Zeus’ brow - as well as my current belief that Óðinn simply helped her down from the Ideal sphere to the Astral one, just as I would later help her down to the (well, our) Real one.

There was more, but my task was made clear - protect the identity and the IDEA of this ‘daughter of Óðinn’ until the time was right. I agreed, but I didn’t know what to do. But the time WOULD become right, and I would amaze myself with how I rose to my allies’ trust in me.

It was after I got back from the field that I was shown (without telling ANYONE of the dream) an online article about some medieval manuscript I'd never heard of that predicted 'Ragnarök' on the exact night I had that dream. Now I do not personally believe that the myths we still have handed down predicted any sort of given date in some linear Judeo-Christian timeline but rather a pagan, traditional, CYCLICAL course of time with MANY beginnings, middles, and endings - but I do believe the occurence of that rumour/speculation signified a definite sign of CHANGES afoot.

Well, years passed, and I went on with my Path and Quest, although I did keep her most sensitive details secret. I grew and in many ways surpassed what I had ever in my beginning stages thought possible for me magickally and otherwise. And in a way, it was her idea’s ‘residence’ in the liminal reaches of my consciousness that informed a recent and powerful thrust of the War against the Dissolution’s hold on and breakdown of our world. This forum is far from a stranger to that War. Many of us took part in the all-out assault on and destruction of the demiurgic despot that might be said to have fostered the varied ‘archons’ for the dividing and spoiling of a world as gluttonous fare.

Fewer of us, on this forum as well as in general, took part explicitly in the working I personally shared at the instance of the recent Austrian election - the overt attempting-monotheos, after all, was a much more obvious target with a much more explicit culpability in the march of ‘progress’ right into its yawning gullet. With it well and truly shattered for a long time, how easy it was for the more ‘moderate’ natures to call it quits - that threat was vanquished as far as it concerned those of us not aspiring to immortality, the problem was thence for untold generations hence! But the demiurgic lieutenants, the archons, were still ensconced - in their nearness to us and our minds, our emotions, our attachments to the ‘matrix’ of the mundane samsaric shuttle, they remained ENSCONCED - they have been so close to what we mistakenly identify as inseparable from ourselves, that those lacking the extremism that embodies really dedicated magickal Drive might scarcely dare to imagine life WITHOUT their middlemanned, compromising negotiations.

But I’m too harsh, perhaps - some of us here, and more of us outside this forum, DID not hesitate to spurn merely ‘settling’, and continued to work against some of these archons, for instance in demiurgic-influenced political affairs. There was a certain sigil I shared at that time, which by the way is STILL apt for any working in line with its purpose, which is: THE AWAKENING WITHIN THE EUROPEAN LANDS AND PEOPLES OF A RENEWED AND ARYAN SPIRITUAL IDENTITY EMBRACING THE LONG-SUPPRESSED DIVINE-FEMININE. The immediate phenomenon of that election resolved into a hard road for Europe, and for Austria in particular - and that’s too bad. I, personally, WANTED nothing but peace and prosperity for both. But another road opened before us, showing the greater Need and Necessity for reclaimed Inheritance and Resurgence of that spiritual birthright and responsibility, that treasure and secret weapon that lies within the Divine Feminine that has been so feared and reviled by the demiurgic forces - and recent stirrings HAVE shown those seeds to have born fruit, in Austria and elsewhere. If the Europa sigil represents the answer to Necessity, to Aνάγκη, through the magick of Νύξ, Valata represents the answer to Need, to Nauðr, through the magick of Hel.

And so we come to the heart of this magick itself.

Fast forward to tonight, when before typing this up for you I peruse my translation of the Völuspá, and find the part about [...] Ragnarök. I read again about Óðinn learning the knowledge of his own downfall [Untergehen?] in the cataclysmic battle, and about his siring a very special son for the express purpose of taking vengeance on his behalf. Váli, who matures in a single day and vows not to rest until he had avenged Óðinn and the gods[...]. Váli, of whom a possible feminine derivation could damn well be Valata for all the fuck I know. Just food for thought.
At some point in the evolution of the conscientious sorcerer (does this mean the still-flawed sorcerer?) one has to wonder just how much of the 'Truth' received from trusted spiritual sources (assuming Truth is what he or she is after) is really just that. At some point the fully thorough sorcerer who far from spares himself has to ask his Self: what made some of these entities decide to reach out to me? How much of what they teach and say is really Truth, and how much had to be warped into line with my own prejudices and ego-edifices just to be accepted? Has my fear and flight from being some kind of will-less 'prophet' made me a kind of spiritual plunderer or bandit?

Thus the greater Question: what will I really Struggle for? The pieces carved brutally from ‘esteemed’ spirits’ confidences in me, picked and chosen to suit my own inclination so long as it gets me what I want, the willingness to be flattered and deluded so long as it serves to while away the time here waiting around to die? Or the dedication to Truth, to willing myself into hearing with a fidelity reciprocating that confidence, maybe learning a thing or two even if it isn’t the most flattering thing in the world?

For me, I think that Question is why I continue to regard Sacrifice so highly, not as a religious submission or an unhealthy sentimentality but as a Test of character, a Balance between my Self and the Gods that, if they’re going to be MY partners, DESERVE respect equal to what I assign to my Self. And, for me at least, the bringing of this goddess into our sphere of Reality has answered my own personal Question beautifully.

I should also relate the very strong feeling I got that this dream was NOT about holding on blindly to the old (something I'm very much capable of stubbornly attempting, btw). To me the key to this dream was that this girl was something NEW, that was FROM the old!

When the necessary events in my life had transpired to transform me into someone able to ‘help her down’, I was apprehensive as all Hel. Sure, Valata and Óðinn had BOTH picked me for this, but far from reassuring that only added to the pressure: I was VERY aware of my own flaws and mortal limitations when it came to acting in this way towards a becoming goddess.

In the first stage of her final drawing-down to this world, I was very guarded with my actions in setting up her ‘energetic framework’ for action here. From a background of black magick, it was second nature to be firmly in control of all interactions with all entities, keeping things on my terms, not being vampyrized and deluded like so many magickal hobbyists and casuals (no matter how “initiated”!). I understood something of what she meant, I even admired and adored her, but that didn’t mean there shouldn’t be a clear delineation between our energies, and a careful insistence on my part of her being supplied the (filtered) energy of other sources and sacrifices, with the teaching of how in this world to further supply her own, rather than at any point derive her substance from me.

Now this was unsatisfactory, as it proved: she was not meant to sustain herself through such (self-fulfillingly vampyric!) pathways as had dictated my guardedness around ALL spirits after witnessing the formerly human wreckage of those who had become the sacrificial animals of other entities. Valata was meant to sustain herself on esteem and adoration, on Love of a grateful and admiring People. So I gladly bestowed this adoration during her time spent in my immediate presence ‘getting the hang of’ existing and operating in our world. While guiding her and strengthening her presence here for her mission, this second phase, too, marked a personal friction with the Goal here that would have to be surpassed. My great Question appeared persistently, and I endeavoured to honour my role in this by keeping the factor of my own personality as much out of the equation and undue influence as possible. Impartiality was my goal, and I chose to act in as good faith as possible in bringing this goddess into full form in this world without artificially imposing any of my individual conclusions and opinions indecently to bear through my powerful role in helping her be ‘born’ here.

And yet - as soon as this resolution was met, as soon as the decision clearly made, something clicked. It was as if another test was passed, and I was greeted with the realization that I had been chosen for this BECAUSE of who I was, in every way. That I was (honourable, but) foolish to question so over whether my mortal and imperfect grasp on the Goal of ‘Truth’ were going to do injustice to these gods and goddesses CHOOSING to communicate with and act alongside me - they Knew who I was often with a more piercing Knowledge than I often had of my own Self, and yet again in this particular instance I had been selected for the task at hand precisely BECAUSE my Self was exactly what was considered necessary AND IN LINE WITH THE GODDESS’ AND ÓÐINN’S OWN GOALS here. At this point the goddess and I had a more intimate exchange of energies, and she took on many more characteristics of mine (as a superficial example, her hair darkened) THAT SHE DESIRED FOR HER ROLE IN THIS WORLD (caps for my slow-plodding march of realization, not necessarily because ya’ll are in need of them). And thus, a Goddess was reborn.

Valata (vah-LAH-tah) is the incarnation of a Golden Age ideal into the dark and turbulent Kali Yuga. She embodies one aspect of a Divine Feminine that has been weighed down, disguised, drugged and dragged into a dark corner out of consciousness - hoped by the Enemy to never emerge healthy and determined again. But healthy and determined Valata is, and a goddess WORTH fearing by enemies all round.

In her aspect as Valata Navigatrix (NAH-wig-AH-treex) she appears as a cloaked woman with partially-visible face alone on a small ship, one hand on the tiller and one in her cloak. She can navigate the seeker out of the densest and most hopeless labyrinths, but only on solemn and terribly binding oath to trust her steering and follow truly whatever insight and direction comes until they are free again. She will seem perhaps not so much pitiless as completely detached and emotionless in this aspect, but it is in order to fulfill her mission and do what she considers a high calling: to show the seeker the way out of traps and illusions they are blind to through their own will or through others’. Valata Navigatrix is extremely kindly and devoted to those binding themselves in oath to her pact, but does not show it because she has a job to do. When this is done, she smiles like the Sun on the water.

In her aspect as Valata Bellatrix (bell-AH-treex) she appears as a lithe and beautiful young woman, pale skin glowing like moonlight and dark hair bound back in a large braid. She wears a loose white garment leaving her slim arms free, and holds a long and keen double-edged sword of dark reddish hue with a burning fire in her eyes. Valata Bellatrix is a frenzied and indefatigable fighter in defence of what is loved, especially of people and lands that are loved. Her fury and relish in slaughter provoke terror and she is easy to characterize as a daemon in this aspect - if so, she is the daemon needed when things have fallen so far as they have in our time, and it is her ferocity in the service of what she loves that will see her chosen people through the depredations of those who hate them. Valata Bellatrix does NOT respond well to having her time wasted, and is quick-tempered in general. A certain quickness, certainty, and absolute commitment to acting in concert with her attacks are best when calling upon her - her services are needed in many places, and she needs to have freedom and tribute to act quickly and overwhelmingly with no remorse or hesitation on the operator’s part once begun.

In her aspect as Valata Genetrix (GEN-et-reex) she appears crowned with a delicate twisted silver coronet and wearing a long diaphanous dress of silvery colour. Her hips are encircled with a belt of circular silver-and-gold links containing precious stones resembling each of the planets around the Black Sun, and she offers a Grail made of a translucent pale green stone. BEWARE, you who would drink from it! You must balance the razor’s edge to achieve the Goal, or you will be worse off than before. Valata Genetrix brings about the continuance of her favourite people, the uniting of ideal mates to bring forth worthy children - it is godlike to be the parents of gods! As well as furthering the biological succession of magickal inheritance, Valata Genetrix gives the gift of Inspiration to those bringing forth such magickal ‘children’ as ideas, artworks, and events.

In evoking all of these aspects and probably other undiscovered ones, this goddess can be called upon either as simply Valata, or if you wish as Valata Victrix (WICK-treex). In this form she appears most often seated upon a white marbled throne floating in space, her hair seeming to be strung with myriads of tiny jewels or perhaps stars. Her crown is now mostly of gold, and behind her the upturned points of a crescent Moon frame her head. She is robed in rich blues, and holds both Sword and Grail. Her eyes are the deepest and darkest blue, and betray a deep understanding of Necessity, Need, and Destiny all three.

There is so much that this newly-arrived goddess can teach in our world, and I exhort any who feel drawn to her to reach out on their own for answers to what is in many cases still a bit too sensitive for a public forum like this one. Within the bounds of reasonable inquiry, though, I will be very happy to answer other questions though, either in this thread or via PM, as I’m sure in an undertaking like this (and still honestly a bit confused and out of touch from the massive and delicate movement and apportioning of energy during the past few weeks in particular) I’ve forgotten some things I shouldn’t have. All the best, and from both of us:

Hail Victory,


What an awesome read. The Velata Navigatrix aspect seems instantly beneficial to those seeking to see through blinds and removing oneself from the negative influence of others.

Wonderful posts Claidheam, just wonderful. You seem to have undertaken one hell of a journey.

Thank you.


From others AND oneself, absolutely. Seriously, if you have a Need for this badass goddess’ talents, please do call upon her and see for yourself! She’s particularly partial to Four Roses Single Barrel. :wink:

You’re right, it’s been a Hel of a journey. I’m ecstatic that it’s resulted in something of use to you, and I fully expect both of our journeys to only reveal more:

& Beauty-



Great read.

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Thanks, man. It was a labour of Love.

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