Vaccines and magick

Do the advanced magicians here need vaccines for a trivial virus like Covid?

The short answer is yes. We are not super human. We get sick and die just like everyone else. So mundane healthcare is very important. Vaccines or not professionals medical should never be replaced by just doing Magick.


Being a “advanced magician” does not make you invulnerable, beause shit happens.

Sometimes I get the impression that many people think magick and science are somehow opposites, and if you “believe” in one you can’t believe in the other.
That’s wrong.
Being sceptical at first is one thing, but being totally resistent against scientific facts is another.

Don’t many of you take the pill? That thing can really fuck your hormones up and can have a much bigger impact on your life than a vaccine, just saying.

What about antibiotics? You’d rather die of a sepsis?
Hell no.

Just because science is right, does not mean magick is wrong.
Science doesn’t know lots of things yet, and I’m excited for the days when we will understand more of the magickal things we experience all the time.


Both are right. We live in a two fold existence combined of the spiritual and the physical. Science is a part of the process of mastering and understanding the physical while magick is the same for the spiritual. It would be unhealthy to exclude an entire half of your existence imo you know?


Study the vaccines before you take them, like if you’re a teen it’s not recommended to take JJ vaccine for example. Regardless, get vaccinated no matter what. Your magic can be affected if you don’t. Try not to find out how that will happen.

How will it be affected if you don’t vaccinate? How did you come to that conclusion? Any evidence or proof?

Also, people, this thread was simply made to discuss whether vaccines affect your magick, not whether they are good or bad, please try to remain on subject instead of trying to one-up each other

Talking from my own experience (3 shots): no, it doesn’t.
I also have a few other vaccinations going on in my system because of my job and there doesn’t seem to be a problem with my practice.


No, the vaccines have not effected my magic at all. If anything, they gave me an excuse to take time off away from the rat race to rest and perform magic to strengthen my body both shortly before and after receiving the vaccine.

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The only thing I have noticed post vaccine is a slower healing response to injuries. I haven’t noticed any effect on meditation, Magick or my social life. Will it affect magick? I doubt it. Does it slow recovery of non pandemic health issues Like injuries I’m pretty damn sure the answer is a vehement yes. Which means you better not get hurt if you do sports or get the flu or have any other health stuff happen cuz it’ll drag on and on (in my experience).

Add: I’ve had vaccines before. This however seems different in having caused a slower rate of healing for me post injury. Still… it’s probably better then getting the disease.

Add: Canada has only been offering the Edna vaccines btw so it’s the type I say has slowed my recovery rate. Traditional style non Edna vaccines probably don’t even do that much to you. So… decide for yourselves but I’ll say better vaccinated then in a hospital.

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People are each a unique expression of genes, antibodies, dna, micro organisms (and the universe just to cover everything else)

thus everyone has different reactions and immune responses (or none at all) to different diseases, stimuli, viruses, foods (and opinions, it’s true lol)

I’ve had a friend who after the second doses of boosters says they feel they can be more grounded during magic and others who say it totally wacked their energies but only the day of.

And then there’s me who didn’t experience a thing different.

So I guess if you really want to know if it would affect your MAGICK personally you’ll have to take the shot for yourself but not everyone can fit into a certain mold of symptoms :slightly_smiling_face:


People need to stop talking about this type of stuff on the forum. We try to avoid hot button topics especially considering the recent incidents. It could be better for us all to save the medical questions for our doctors. What your question actually is about is will it effect you physically and will that physical effect in turn have an effect on your spiritual aspect. This is a black magic forum not web MD. You know there would be no reason to suspect it effect your spiritual aspect unless it did something to your body or brain. That makes it a medical questions that nobody here who isn’t a medical professional should be answering and even if they were they are not your doctor and are not going to make themselves liable for your actions based on any advice they might give. If you chose not to get vaccinated because of some random guy on a black magic forum and get covid I guarantee you will be having your magic effected as you feel like absolute shit for a month.


You mean for a virus that hasn’t been isolated? So how does one create a vaccine if the pathogen hasn’t been isolated? Magicians like me who know how to and have shown people how to successfully cure cancer (a sister here cured herself of Stage 4A cervical cancer using my methods) don’t need a vaccine for a virus.



Does your doctor practice magick?
Because if not than hw would he know if it has an effect on it?
Also, please try to read all the replies before writing something, I said above that the question is not posed so as to determine if vaccines are good or bad but to simply see if there is any effect in your practice of magick.

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Yes, thank you. This topic is very close to devolving into divisory political talk, let’s try not to get annoyed at each other for having different opinions and keep it magickal.

I had it for 3 weeks, back when it did not have herd immunity, had not mutated into nothing much and all the people vulnerable to novel viruses, which I am not, got it… for me, it was just cough. I didn’t feel worse than any their cough and I didn’t even take any time off work.

Whether someone takes an experimental drug it is thier personal responsibility, and has nothing to do with BALG.

However, getting the real coof was VERY interesting as a mage… having that spirit in my fields made it very easy to contact and tlke to as a being in it’s own right. As an animist I was bound to try that.
It came across as a kind of shadow being, alien and humourless, without the ability to telepathically communicate using language, only feelings and sentience. The jab as an artificial fragment and not by any means the whole thing, is dead and kind of fake, more like a thoughtform and not a very good one.

Unfortunately the way these common cold viruses, including corona and rhino viruses work, they mutate very fast, and this was 2 years ago… remeber how you can get a cold from someone, it mutates and you gove it beck? These things mutate in days, and they always mutate into something less virulent, because they like to survive and like any parasitic lifeform killing it’s hosts is not in it’s interests. There’s almost no chance you will encounter it in the wild now to have that conversation without going back in time and evoking it the old fashioned way.

But if you call it for a chat, it’s super cool, very different from the almost human goetia when you compare them, and much more like shadow people.


Stupid spell check I entered mRNA and got Edna? Wtf anyhow still stand that I’d rather be protected by vaccine and other then extra slow healing it hasn’t affected me not magickally not meditationally. Anyhow I look forward to reading IF it has affected other peoples abilities to meditate or do magick. So I hope the thread sticks to topic and stays open so I can read it some more. Add: and I’ll happily get a booster if need be because as an asthmatic I don’t wanna chance getting vivid (if I didn’t have it early on without being diagnosed). It’s just too nasty for me to risk.

So please tell if it affected your magick.

Please don’t preach about getting vaccinated.

And please don’t preach vaccines are bad.

This thread can be very very interesting and valuable as long as no one wrecks it.


Simple, breath is what makes magic happen. You can’t breathe with half of your lungs gone because of the virus. I mean you MAY get an asymptomatic infection. But why risk it if vaccines are readily available? At least I assume you live in a first world country that has them available.

@yaldaba0th Please stop preaching. The threads about if it affects peoples magick and I for one want to find out others experiences and don’t want it closed down because of pro vaccine or anti vaccine preaching ok? Please stop.

Add: this goes for everyone thinking of promoting vaccination opinions please don’t.

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Preaching and trolling are against the rules, please simply flag a post if you have an issue with it. :slight_smile:

I will reiterate the words of a once beloved member here.

“It’s often the case that the only people who will find a thing believable are those who’ve had a similar experience themselves, so anyone trying to create, through ridicule, the idea there is a normative kind of level which is accepted, and anything else is going to be mocked, is going to be challenged on that - if not by me, hopefully someone else. I think by 2021 we all know what a powerful weapon ridicule can be.”

And what lhp minded magickian really allows others to tell them what to think? :thinking: :slight_smile:
Information however, is always interesting, like getting another piece in a puzzle that’s bigger than you realised, but where you put ii in your puzzle building is up to you.


There are actual barriers to science exploring some of these things though, both religious and political. Basically, I mean, summoning demons is against a lot of fundamentalist religion, the other problem is “magical thinking” was/is a criteria for a lot of mental disorders in the DSM.

I never did. I was too worried about it fucking up my hormones, plus I really hate going to the doctor. Who knows how much it has fucked up humanity with so many women taking it. Plus, don’t forget I was raised, and got married Catholic. We weren’t perfect, but I probably took the church teachings a lot more seriously than most people, even though my ex-husband clearly did not in spite of the bullshit he told me.

As for the recent vaccines, I have had two doses and I haven’t noticed it affecting anything at all.

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