Vaccines and magick

So I recently had a friend ask me if having done the vaccine affected me in any way mentally, I answered no to my knowledge, but I thought of another question, could it in any way affect your magick? And if so does anyone here have something to say on that?

No I don’t think it will affect your magick


Not sure for others but it didn’t have any impact on my Magick at all. If it does it could be a placebo

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No… Unless like @Twilight_Dragon said, it’s a placebo effect.

Kinda like asking if getting the common cold affects your magick. No, it doesn’t. If you feel unwell and you can’t perform rituals that’s one thing, but there is no link between pharmaceutical vaccinations and magick results imo.

Also, let’s all just take a moment to remember the forum rule regarding no political discussion. :wink:


I’ve taken vaccines my whole life. The latest ones are no different from a magick perspective. They have had no effect on me


Not a political discussion, I am neither for or against, everyone can do as they like, I am simply posing the question

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Verdo can you see and listen to spirits? And if so, any tips?

I can yes. But if I recall, I already gave you my thoughts on your other thread. If you’re at the point where you can communicate with spirits in your minds eye (which you stated you could), then really your best bet is to ask for advice from a spirit like sastan…because the advice you get from a spirit will be tailor-made to you.


No stress, I can tell that from your original post. :slight_smile: Didn’t mean to make it seem like it was aimed at you specifically (rather than a general heads-up to anyone reading) – please forgive me if it came across that way. :bouquet:


I mean if you can see them in front of you, during evocation, Sastan has given me advice, he said all I had to do is focus, I am really near. If you can see them in front of you then can you tell me when the smoke starts to shine and glow what happens next in your experience?

No harm done

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Also, about you giving me your thoughts, I know that you explained it but I am kind of weird when it comes to understanding something without the person being there to tell me, when I see written text I need exact terms and definitions, which is why my questions and answers are always so targeted.
So, to better define my question to you, I am at that point that the whole room is black and the smoke begins to shine, yesterday I summoned Paralda but due to some unfortunate setbacks regarding my coal and incense I was unable to produce a full manifestation, what is weird though is that even when I was getting out of trance I could still see the outline, I am very close I know it, I just need some clarification on this one thing.
When the smoke begins to shine does the spirit begin to manifest itself immediately as long as you continue to stay focused or do you have to do something else also?
I hope that this makes it easier to give a clearer answer (at least clearer for me :sweat_smile: ) any help is massively appreciated.

Vaccines do not have an effect on your magick.


In my experience, I see an outline of the spirit…and the image i have of it in my head starts to fill in the details of the outline…But you have to be patient and focus as sastan instructed

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Ok, thank you very much, considering that in the ritual with Sastan five days ago I did manage to see the outline I am very close

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Vaccines by the pre-2020 definition (…ahem) are perhaps one of the greatest medical inventions ever created

The adjuvants and additives can be something else entirely. I live with a neurological disorder that has gotten worse within days every time I’ve received a vaccine with methylmercury in any amount.

Most don’t have that after ~2001

This disorder showed me exactly how magick works and lead me to my practice through relentless pathological superstitions that came true when I challenged them

I think I’m in a small percentage that can’t eliminate the tiny amount of methylmercury that remains in very few actual vaccines (I got DTAP, MMR, Flu, H1N1 all at once and my brain figuratively fell out to the point of near incapacitation)

This new stuff that’s a therapeutic by medical definitions built on messenger RNA scares the living hell out of me for more than several reasons and I’ll discuss why in PM with anyone who wants to but I don’t have evidence for or against it screwing with magick. I am highly suspicious it may, though if that happened it might just make me normal instead of seeing every possible action as a ritual

It would have to dwarf ones ability to think abstractly, weaken the will, and stop the ability to imagine if it did this though and I sincerely doubt it would do all of that and not cause a host of other issues after the comparable timeline in mitotic rate from our species to the animal studies

If you know several people who have received it early ask them about their ability to imagine, their abstract skills, and their general willpower through indirect means and you be the judge

If anything vaccines (actual ones …ahem) only made me more magickal but it’s also something I wouldn’t wish on anyone except true enemies with a strong lack of resourcefulness


I know a mystic, that is Canadian, he had to take vaccines in order to live in the US, and he said it took him 2 weeks to open up his pineal gland again, and this guy has been meditating over 4 hours a days for over a decade now, so I’m a big no on vaccines

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It’s called gene therapy, hence why you have to take more than one.

Of course it can effect your mental state.

“Makes zombie noises”

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Who died more in the Spanish flu? The vaccinated or the unvaccinated? Lol

And the inventor of the test that they use to test for covid says on the patent “not to be used for infection diseases” hence why you can false positive 6 times in one sitting.

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I’ve not partaken in the popular rush for whatever it is that’s in those injections but if anything was to make someone unwell in any way then I think it could have an effect on the magick for some people.

If you are feeling unwell you would generally feel a bit sorry for yourself and if that doesn’t shift after a couple or few days it can turn to a slightly more negative outlook which is usually not what you want to feel while waiting for a result.

I suppose that anything that changes what you currently are (or were) has some affect.
Magick, after all, happens by changing from one state into another by mood, emotion and action and changes in physical and or mental well-being may play a part on outcomes.

I know some that have become more susceptible to illness since they had the injections.