V.K. Jehannum on cursing krishna

Do you guys thing this is a true story?

Claims a hindu satanist worshipped krishna and khali in his garage temple. In the same garage the hindu was being possessed by a black woman ghost. Krishna couldn’t help him, khali couldn’t help him.

V.K. Claims to have called the demon Raum and the demon tortured and killed the black ghost lady.

Then this is the next Timeline according to v.k.:

-I Exorcise Hindu Fucker via Qliphothic-Goetic Ritual
-Hindu Fucker Randomly Starts Claiming that Kali is Far More Powerful than Any Demon
-Hindu Fucker Renounces All Demon Magick and Claims that He Manipulated Raum to Save His Ass
-V.K. Renounces O9A AFTER Being Kicked out of Drakon Covenant and Leaving the Lilin Society
-Hindu Fucker Attempts to Use Brainwashing Techniques to Convert My Apprentice to Hinduism and Turn the Man Against Yours Truly and Fails Epicly
-Hindu Fucker Spams My Phone Until I Tell Him We Cannot Be Friends Anymore and There is Nothing to Discuss
-Hindu Fucker Attempts Cursing Myself and My Apprentice Various Times, Which Attempts Result in Me (i) Cursing Krishna via Chavajoth (Krishna Got His Ass Kicked), (ii) Seeking Unspecified Vengeance Against Hindu Fucker, (iii) Hindu Fucker Cursing Caleb with the Power of Shiva and Failing. All I Did Once I Found Out My Apprentice Had Been Attacked by Either Shiva or a Shiva-Related Entity Was Visualize the Sigil and Chant the Demonic Enn of Murmur a Few Times in My Car, Which Completely Subdued the Curse without Banishing it Entirely. Once I Met My Apprentice in Person, I Easily Demolished the Curse by Calling on Satan.
-Hindu Fucker Uploads an Article About Me
-Hindu Fucker Invites Me to Get Beer with Me and Gets Rejected
-Hindu Fucker Approaches My Friend Group in Person and Gets Rejected
-Hindu Fucker Tells His Friend to Ask Me to Write a Book with Him and Gets Rejected
-Hindu Fucker Continues to Pontificate About How Well He Knows Me, Giving My Personal Information to (i) A 17-Year-Old Kid I Didn’t Know and (ii) A Self-Proclaimed Special Ops Soldier Who Claims He is Going to Kill Me.

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yea, too many '‘Hindu Fucker’'s roaming around nowadays !!!


How did his info help you?

Did you follow his step by step guide for beginners such as:

Did you do his rites for beginners where you denounce jesus and muhammad and pledge allegiance to satan?

Did you do the vampiring thing to build up energy?

Do you do his version of the lesser banishing ritual?


I don’t even bother with V.K. so I don’t care what he has to say. Or not.

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V.K has decent enough stuff, but I’d take whatever he (or almost anyone for that manner) says with a grain of salt.


I’m a bit perplexed about success in attacking Krishna, incarnation of Vishnu and, in the Bhagavad Gita, presented as Supreme (indeed I would say that he appears as such in a more immediate way than Yahweh). As a digression, though, the Vishnuism is somewhat religious, while Shiva is even more esoterical… I like the friendly god and metaphysical messages of the B.G. but it’s true that, at least, it’s a slightly limited “sphere”.

I’ve already read enough from him.


The biggest mistake that Hinduism makes is showing the Gods in this friendly not so easy to piss off light. They can really mess up your Life but only if you disrespect them.

Now as for his success in attacking the God, I won’t say it’s impossible but I’m neutral. Also I never considered Krishna or Vishnu as the Supreme (no disrespect intended towards them) but I always saw Shiva as the Supreme in Hinduism.

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I remember this. I don’t have any reason to either believe or disbelieve it. Nothing in here is beyond the pale.

  1. The idea that a novice black magician (“Hindu Fucker”, HK) needed help getting out of a ghost possession, that a daemon called Raum sent the ghost through 2nd death, that it was able to torture it first, followed by HK going unstable, sounds like - eh, sure. That’s almost normal around these parts. :slight_smile:
    I do wonder why V.K. didn’t just deal with the ghost himself, I think he’s fully capable of doing that in multiple ways, but why bother if a daemon will do it for you, I guess?

  2. As for whether a spat between Krishna and Chavajoth is possible or that Chavajoth would win, I don’t see why not. We don’t know what ‘curing’ or ‘ass kicking’ means or what they told V.K. vs what they did. You could do a divination or ask one them I suppose.

I like V.K. he’s entertaining, very interesting, and is one of the few who’s work makes sense to me as it speaks to my worldview and experience. The reason I don’t visit his blog more is because it’s not easy to search and I tend to research specific topics rather than just browse. After that I’m not into chants or evoking every spirit I can - I’m just not that gregarious and I need a reason to want to open a conversation more than to just say Hi - so I haven’t tried most of his ideas, but, you know, all in good time.


Have to agree.
I don’t bother myself with the Drama’s of He said She said and VK has a lot of this. He even had a video against JS Garrett. I do however vib very well with his work and tend to stay on that onto whatever or whoever is attacking who.

It’s no different than EA, i care about the work, not the drama crap.

I don’t think a person couldn’t do this but i don’t honestly feel the inclination to care one way or the other. :woman_shrugging:


My only issue is the use of “hindu fucker.”


:thinking: true story or not! For him at that moment it was true! He says alot of questionable stuff but it’s entertaining. His work and rituals are helpful and easy to do! I take his info and change it to my liking! I am a newbie but that doesn’t mean I’ll follow his every word!

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Ya he does get carried away with that sort of thing, it’s why I usually avoid those videos.


Technically Chavajoth would be more powerful than Krishna (11 Spirits vs 1).

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I respect V.K. and his work and insight, but he does seem to throw insults around sometimes. Based solely on his account and without any other background information about the event, it sounds like the individual in question may have been getting fucked for being inept, regardless of his belief system. “Hinduism” is a vague outsider (originally Persian, referring to people on the other side of the sindhu/Indus river) term which nowadays basically refers to any Indian spirituality that does not explicitly reject the Vedas (as was rejected by Buddhists and Jains), though, in actual practice there is so much diversity that it is difficult to identify very many unifying qualities that apply to everyone who calls themselves “Hindu,” and most modern “Hindus” have very little to do with the ancient Vedic religion of the Indo-Europeans.

Many (but not all) “Hindus” are henotheistic, meaning that they regard any particular deity as a placeholder for primordial essence, with particular deities favored depending on sect, family, personal preference, etc.— and with some preferring not to worship any deity at all, but to contemplate formless consciousness or some other concept of reality. Some “Hindus” are dogmatic assholes, and some are open-minded, powerful, and intelligent— like in any other system. The specific deities I see mentioned in this thread— Kṛṣṇa, Śiva, and Kālī Mā— were originally indigenous (non-Āryan) deities that were eventually integrated into the Indo-European Vedic pantheon.

Personally, I have spent several years getting immersed in/practicing several spiritual/magickal systems, including tantrik yoga and non-dual Śaiva/Śakta tantra (which is where the term “left-hand path” actually originated), the Qliphoth and other Satantic/Luciferian currents (gotta love the gatekeepers), Norse magick, and have recently been opening some Vodoun gateways. I see value in each of these systems and give no fucks if anyone else practices or believes what I do, but my heart will always belong to Mā.


Aryan Invasion theory is now considered to be worse than fiction in reputed universities through the world propagated by the Britishers to maintain their appearance of superiority. It’s a bogus theory.

Thought should flag it but restrained as it seems it’s okay to criticize here any other sects ( The problem is When someone tell’s a hindu he also points finger to an ethnic group not just a belief system ) except Satanism and Islam.

Previously it was ok to criticize anything except RIGHT wing political ideology, specially from western connotation. Times have changed. SO I let it slide.

No offence to other paths but paths of India are PURE OP , U can even get all the 8 major and 10 minor Siddhis within 6 months provided U R in the right sect and following the right tradition. That also through the process of chanting , u don’t need 4 hours of perfect concentration to attain that.

And as for V.K haven’t seen any video of his except one with J.S , looks like some Autistic fuck to me.


So this isn’t okay to you but

This is?
Calling someone Autistic (which isn’t any intelligent insult) based on one rant video because he mistook JS as an animal abuser?
If I honestly felt JS was abusing animals I might be as angry as VK was but Autism has nothing to do with anything.

He’s definitely adversarial and chaotic but a smart ass asshole lol. I can respect that at least and so far his stuff jives just like EA’s does.

This whole thread could be borderline dis’ing someone, I can agree, however VK is not a member of this forum so aside from outright slander, I don’t know if discussing one of his videos is against the rules.

His youtube videos, he mostly does drunk BTW so shouldn’t be over analyzed. If you want his serious stuff go to his WordPress.


Yea, this is not ok to me. No religion/ Sect should get a free pass over being criticized . Certainly not islam.

Hope you will take this lightly but anyway let me say this. If U get upset if someone is abusing animals while you yourself even eat them and then protest, I also get upset if someone abuses/insults my people and I don’t eat my folks, FOR SURE.

And haven’t seen any of V.K’s video to critically diss him so the not so intelligent insult. AND HE DOES SEEM LIKE A SKINNY AUTISTIC. My opinion.

I will once again ignore your silly need to make personal attacks.
I make the comment because VK has no outward signs of Autism which means to me you don’t have a clue what Autism actually is.
I say Autism has nothing to do with this based on years of experience with multiple levels of Autism and multiple people with it.

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Oh, that became a bit personal. Didn’t intended it to be and also Didn’t know about the autism thing of yours.

Thought slight jest about others is O.K, specially to get a conversation rolling, that’s why the ‘eating animal’ comment.

U know I love you @ Alita :kissing_heart:. Wish I had a mom or elder sister like U who is deeply into anime and gaming. :smiley: Would have made my childhood a lot more enjoyable.

Nevertheless I think the thread is already derailed so not gonna comment anymore. Bye and Happy new year in Advance.