V.K Jehannum goetic demon descriptions

Does anyone know this occultist? His demon descriptions are really in depth but I’m concerned that maybe they are inaccurate


I want to use all these demons for some of these qualities but he is the only person who ive seen with these descriptions for the demons. You guys think they can be effective

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He’s among the finest magicians of the black lodge, he’s got great insight into all things related to Demon Magick.
Remember this, base your experiences on your own, not others recommendations are great and all, a good reputation as well, but think about it like this what makes those old grimoires more valid than some guys random post on some occult forum?, Non both are channeled by magicians just in different times.


It’s only effective if you make it out to be.


Thank you!

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Hey guys. I’m just kinda browsing posts about me at the moment.

Yes, a lot of the information I provide about the Goetic demons is my own personal gnosis. Not all of the information I provide to the public is accurate. My channeling abilities are on flique and all, but there have definitely been times where I’ve promulgated inaccurate information and wound up publicly apologizing and correcting myself. I do the best I can.



I seem to remember a video by VK that states he is not on this forum. Now since he is writing a book with EA he could have RECENTLY joined the forum but this account is from 2015.