Using Yahweh for baneful magic?

Given what we know about him from “the Good Book,” do you think that Yahweh/Jehova/Allah/Elohim could be evoked like any other spirit, and we could ask him to target an enemy? Even if the Christian God we know of is just a thought form, is that thought form powerful enough and could it fulfill requests to destroy targets?

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Charmers psalter has decent amount of uses for psalms in baneful magic. I assume you could evoke him for it too. He’s an egomaniacal asshole opposed to anyone but him gaining power or freedom though (in my personal opinion and experience)


is that thought form powerful enough and could it fulfill requests to destroy targets

Not in my experience. In journeying to a form called 'Yahweh", I found a very depleted and damaged being, kind of like people in stages of advanced dementia, not able to communicate or interact. It’s not good for a celestial to have things enacted counter to it’s nature done using it’s name in vain.

I was just talking to others about this happening to Moloch at the moment, with the fake news blaming him for hollyweird’s insanity. People close to him have stated it’s hurting him, and until I talk to him myself I’m inclined to believe my brothers over mainstream any day.

When Christians call ‘God’ I think they get angels, ascended masters, saints etc and other celestial spirits filling in.


While the being many know as “Yahweh” would not be productive to call upon, there are some angels who serve under יהוה (EE-AH-OH-EH) who are of a wrathful nature, and are quite good at what they do. When people think “Yahweh,” what seems to come to mind is the deity that is currently worshiped by the various JCI religious institutions, whereas יהוה (EE-AH-OH-EH) is a genuine expression of All-encompassing Divine power.

The distinction may seem subtle, but there is a crucial difference. “Yahweh” conforms to the cultural values of the individuals in these hierarchical institutions, whereas, in my experience, יהוה (EE-AH-OH-EH) encourages one to explore the universe in all of its complexity. In other words, “Yahweh” doesn’t like it when you have sex before marriage or when you eat the wrong foods at the wrong time. יהוה (EE-AH-OH-EH) is infinitely more sublime and eternal than a being that would care about such petty things.

As for which angels may assist you, the archangel Michael is known as the protector, and will prevent your enemies from causing you harm. I suggest the book Angels of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield if you seek more than just protection.

Well if you really want to tempt Yahweh wrath really bad do what they did in biblical times just go and craft a golden calf, that would really piss him off.