Using women to make money

And I’m sure my friend sargatanas will protect me from them, We’ll rule the bitches with this man.

hehe interesting topic :cowboy_hat_face: In USA we call that kind of man an escort. And if there is more than one working together it is an escort service. Lonely older women with money in their pockets looking for nice looking younger guys. (of course you have to say what you will or will not do on your webpage)

I had a friend that was a casino host. I don’t have any idea how he got into the job. Casinos keep track of their big spenders. They make more money from the games than the hotel. A man is asigned a woman as a host and a woman is asigned a man as a host. When the big spender is out of the casino the host tries to get them back in. If they loose the host tries to make them feel good by giving them stupid free stuff like restaunt tickets or free days in the hotel. If the big spender wins a lot of money the host tries to get them to stay longer so they loose what they won. He started in 2014 45K.

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Rest assured, your and others’ suggestions are already becoming a direction in my life, I just want revenge on women who left me and didn’t give me a chance even though I was so in love.

Instead of being an escort, I want to be a playboy who makes love with very high wages.

To be a playboy, you would need to be wealthy. The word is defined as “a wealthy man who spends his time enjoying himself, especially one who behaves irresponsibly, and has many casual sexual relationships.”

If you’re getting paid to have sex with someone, you’re not a playboy, you’re a gigolo, the definition of which is “a young man who is paid or supported by an older woman to be her escort or lover.”


This is not true at all, plenty of good looking guys struggle with women. There’s also a pretty big leap between being handsome enough to attract women and being a sugarbaby to rich women everywhere. You’re not going to ‘rule any bitches’ with magick alone. Magick is only one kind of power, wealth is another one. Rich women especially aren’t just going to bend that easy.


I don’t think finding out you get paid for sex is going to be “revenge,” I think they’re more likely to feel they dodged a bullet.

Finding out someone you dumped turned to sex work doesn’t usually inspire regret at losing them.


I know Sargatanas works with men, but you should try.

So how did you contact Sargatanas? And what is your process for harnessing the power and using it for this purpose?

Well first off men tend to have more power in society than women do right now. The patriarchy is definitely a real thing, but sure women have more opportunities for sex work.

If you want to marry a sugar momma though you’ll need to be meeting wealthy single women (or you can be the guy-mistress I suppose) who are looking for a man who is not rich. If you don’t have a successful career of some sort then you better have extremely high sex appeal. If you’re an artist or something (a successful one not a bum) that could be appealing to a high-power businesswoman who doesn’t want to compete with her man in her career.

Wealthy women are very likely not going to start throwing themselves and their cash at you unless you really got something going on for yourself. In my experience, the rich and powerful tend to want to hang out with other rich and powerful people. You don’t see many wealthy people hanging out with janitors, even if they are hot.

That being said, I’ve seen magick do some truly incredible things.

Also, I don’t see a reason to not be both rich and a living god.

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It’s most definitely not going to be a high powered business woman. I know people who do sex work (successfully, not desperate cam girls) and others in all sorts of unconventional relationships etc. This type of thing can happen, but 100% of the time the woman is like 65+ living off her dead husband’s money. There’s literally no way it’s going to end up being someone he finds attractive.

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This not gonna workout brotha I can already tell

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Well… there are some apps and sites out there to hook up sugar babies with sugar mommies. So if you’re opposed to being an “escort” because the wages are too low, you might want to consider that.

But, I have no magick advice for you. Only the practical kind.

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