Using VPN


Is using VPN allowed on BALG?


Yes. Why wouldn’t it? It’s meant to protect your online privacy but it doesn’t effect the sites you access.


It’s rather impossible to disallow VPNs. You would have to know all IP addresses of all VPN outgoing servers.

VPNs work with BALG just fine.


Yup typing this behind Nord VPN… I’m currently in Albania at the moment :wink:


Ok, Ludditte here.

What the hell is a VPN?

Can I make soup with it? Does it taste good?


VPN stands for “virtual private network” and it basically protects your network privacy on your device.



Yes, I use one ever since the UK went (redacted for politics), BUT why ask when you could just rubber up and try to log in? :thinking: :wink:

As a personal opinion, forums and sites that block VPN/Tor across the board and insist on an ISP IP address are trying to fuck you in some way.

Welcome to Netflix. :face_vomiting:


and the BBC :angry:


Thank you! I appreciate your answer. I learned something new today.


Do you have a loicense to name our favourite (redacted for pol) TV sir/xir/Allah? :policeman:


:grin: Alas I have a dutiful wife that keeps to speed limits and pays licence’s…