Using trigger words to activate subconscious feeding process

Alright so it has come to my attention that the time may be ripe to get back into vampirism, albeit with a lot more stability, less ego, and a greater perspective. My first experiment is with trigger words. I had a teacher instruct me before to have emotional trigger words to enter those emotions at will. My question is can you use triggers to enter magical processes, such as thinking or saying a word to cause your subconscious mind to drain that fucker dry. Or even have different triggers for different levels of feeding(one for surface grazing, one for soul stealing)… I know you can train your mind to associate mudras with a complete banishing ritual and this is only a hop and a skip away lol.

It’s funny you posted this, because I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.

I personally know that a lot of magick can be done with a gesture. I personally have managed to evoke an entity in this manner, upon instruction of the entity. But I really don’t know how or why this works exactly. I just know that it works, because it does, and by the living gods is it useful.

I believe the end goal of practicing all this ritual is to bypass it and have all your magick be practical. Imagine being an individual able to summon the most terrifying force against someone in a simple gesture. This is only one way, there has been a lot written on words of power and great significance assigned to them in some cases, with various beliefs on their power to assist our ascension. The unique thing about this art, is that all who practice magick with ancient languages understand these words can contain power within them independent of what you give them. This is usually stuff people practicing the necronomicon have a discussion about, as it rarely becomes an issue until you encounter it. There are a good deal of scholars who strive to learn and translate very ancient texts for spiritual benefits. But, there was a belief that sometimes, certain words were too powerful to be written down, and had to be written backwards or in a cipher (most probably with the intent of binding the essence of the word, as there are various folk magick techniques for such in many traditions). So unless you want to become a crypto-linguist, that’s probably not a very time efficient or reliable way to ascend. Whether that word or mantra causes all men and creatures within earshot to go mad, or rise to their ascension instantly, the applications are nearly countless of what could be achieved.

Mudras can be used for a nearly endless list as well, and can be utilized to facilitate psychic influencing of individuals who would normally be strong willed to become placid and willing among other things. But I don’t want to bore you with more of that, so aside from the ritual application of this, these can help with meditative states, or assist in energy work. Vampirism can no doubt be assisted with some of these, but I am not a scholar on the subject of mudras.

I would appreciate any enlightenment anyone could provide on any of these subjects. They are of great interest to me, and I would enjoy learning anything anyone was willing to share on the subject.

Thank You for Your Time,
-Frater Apotheosis

You may want to research Monarch Programming tactics much like what is used on CIA or Tier 1 Special Forces operatives. The basic result being you see the color red, you run. You hear theword screwdriver, you shoot. Etc.

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“It’s a combination of torture, hypnosis, drugs. And what happens is, they torture them so much, that their personality splits in order to endure the pain and misery. When their personality splits, they became another person, and it’s through this technique that they train them. Then in training they make it so that they can give them a trigger word, say “green,” or “red,” or pick up the phone and call them. And they have an assignment to go out and do something—like, say, go out and do a hit, or something like that. That’s kind of a layman’s definition of it, but that’s the way it works.” - Theodore L. Gunderson born November 7, 1928 - Died July 31, 2011, former FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) SAC (Special Agent In Charge) Los Angeles Field Office. Interview with Tracy Twyman, August 25,

I think Timothy mentioned this a while back but this ebook or audiobook, if you can find it, is an intense account of this type of mind control being implemented;