Using the universal circle with the rituals of DAM book by gordon winterfield


i was wondering if it would beneficial to use the universial circle made by E.A Koeting in conjunction with the ritual one of the demons and magick book from gordon winterfield?
its is basically a petition ritual with some other componets like the use of a sigil.

also would like to know if one could use the universal circle in rituals 2 and 3 of the demons and magick book.
i read on this forum that one should not alter the system as how it described in the D.A.M book.
but i am curious what the effect will be.
has anyone used the U.C in combination with these rituals?

You can, but it is not necessary. Winterfield has already provided everything you need.

However, while I have not used the rituals in DOM, I have used the Circle of Power, the shorter banishing ritual from Damon Brand that Winterfield uses as the ritual opening, with my UC.

yeah i understand it is not necessary, but do you think the U.C would increase the results or make it easier to do a evocation?

is a U.C only usesful when someone is doing a evocation? or could a person also make use of U.C while doing a spell or use a abramelin square ect…?

The entire purpose of a Universal Circle is for evocation. That is what the circle is meant for.

Of course you can. The circle is mainly for evocation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do other types of magick within it.

I have sat inside it while doing candle spells, and simple meditations.

also if i make copy’s of the sigils from this book?
do i need to put foil around when storing them or burn them afterwards? because technically a person did not open the sigils by the use of gaze techniques, but a person will establish a connection with a demon, so it could be a portal whats your take on that?

No. The seals of DOM are very different from the traditional seals you will find in the Goetia. They were made by the Gallery of Magick to be used in a specific way, and are a bit too complicated to draw out correctly. There is no need to do so anyway. You can use them directly from the book.

thank you taking your energy and time to answer my questions.

the reason i asked that because you author said that the book could damage if one would use the book. (see image)

last question
you said you did some other forms of magick in your U.C did you feel that the results came faster or some other aspect that will be considerd as beneficial? what i am trying to find out, can a U.C make your magick more potent? i understand it is designed to make evocations more potent, but does it also make general types of magick more potent?


It is a summoning circle. It is for summoning spirits. It doesn’t affect other kinds of magick.

thanks for clearing that up. i read here on this forum that a person uses the U.C. for lucid dreaming by placing it under his bed.

again thank you for your time and energy to answering my questions

The circle is a gateway, and can be used in the place of a triangle for the manifestation of a spirit, so yes, it can be used for lucid dreaming and astral travel.

However, that is not its main purpose.

okay so i toke some harmala brew with a low dose of mushrooms.

i placed the u.c on the ground. and did a lbrp.
then i call Malzaz Hyroth a few time. i felt nothing.
than i remembered than i need to awaken my energy body. so i did than i said the name of Malzaz Hyroth.
i felt immediately a shift in the energy. so knew i had contact. i asked if MH would accept my offerings.
i had 3 coals i lighten them and i placed frankincense on them. i toke 5 sandwood sticks and lighten them. i had 3 cups i poured in the bottle of charteuse. than i asked if MH would assist me when i smeared my blood on the u.c. so i smeard my bood on every letter. so far so good but i forgot to say alash tad al ash tal ash tu.

do i need to do the offerings and placing of blood again?


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