Using the ritual shirt as fight gear

Greetings, this question is in regards to the clothing displaying sigils of demonic lords and gatekeepers sold on your website. I have read the caveat where you strongly urged us to wear them for the purpose of conducting ritual, not as mere fashion statements like an edgy teenage goth. Now here’s my background: I am a student of the occult as well as a professional wrestler. My pro wrestling persona is heavily tied into black magick, Satanism and the sinister. It is not merely a wrestling “gimmick” played for laughs, but an extension of my own psyche, just magnified and dramatized. I would like to wear one of the tanktops sold on the BALG site in the wrestling ring as part of my act, as I believe that even what I do for a living counts as invoking the nightside forces in the microcosm of the ring to affect the macrocosm. So by repping Azazel in the ring for example, I make his presence stronger in our physical realm. So do I have your blessing to wear your gear in the ring?


"Do what thou will

You have mine :smiling_imp:

But really I think once you pay for it , it’s yours to do as you wish. Plus, it’d kinda be free advertisement for the shirts …so Im not sure why it would be a problem.


This doesn’t feel disrespectful to me at all, and I think that was the main idea: to ask people to treat the symbolism with respect and purpose. I think this would be pretty cool.