Using the 13 Blighted Lords

Would there be repercussions if I were to take the Cabal’s 13 Blighted Lords as obscure fantasy villains?

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Bringing up the subject of the Cabal is always liable to produce a shitstorm.


Do you mean, like use them as villains in fiction?

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Hard to say. It may or may not make the stories come alive in unpredictable ways. I just tried to converse with one of them recently it was a strange experience to say the least.

They are real entities do not fuck with them.

(edit: What I’m suggesting is to not approach the Blighted Lords as “Thoughtforms”, or “Egregores”, there is a real power within that current, and the Blighted Lords do not fuck around.)


The idea is that while angels inhabit the higher end of the spirit planes and demons inhabit the lower, beyond the spirit planes are the abyss and the empyrean.

The Empyrean is a place of absolute order and inhabit beings called archons who appear as angel like entities made up of precious metals and crystals. Archons have no mind of their own and act upon programming to preserve order. Archons view free will as an affront to order and seek to assimilate souls. Archons serve the demiurge (Gnostic) who is sort of like a god machine.

The abyss is a place of absolute chaos. Anything that is killed there is reconstructed body mind and soul where as in other planes the dead will reincarnate. Because death is not permanent, the entities that live there only know fighting, killing, torture, cruelty, and enslavement.

I was going to use the 13 blighted lords as god like rulers of the abyss. And frankly, Cernobog seems to very villainous in my opinion.

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And this is why we recommend against it. He probably won’t take kindly to it

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Why not. I have actually read a book where Cernobog was the main villain. Can’t remember the name but it was a good book with lots of hidden hints to it. Fictional story but with lore and all I got it from the library a couple years ago. Pretty much every god and spirit has been displayed in Fiction at some point and they don’t really mind. It gets their names out there and gives them a popularity that draws people to them.

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I agree with @anon47923162 Cernobog is a Slavic god that predates the Cabal, no matter what mythology of lineage they claim, and has most likely been portrayed in a lot of folklore over the centuries, so I don’t see fiction being any different.


I once asked in a post how spirits feel about our media. The response was mostly “Most don’t care. That’s considered a human thing and they aren’t into it.”