Using Tarot to see which spirit to work with

Anyone know a good spread and/or a way to find out which spirit would be the best option to achieve the result u want?


Personally, I wouldn’t use Tarot for something like that. The imagery of tarot is too complex and requires a lot of intuitive interpretation.

You would get better results with a pendulum.

So, say, you are looking for a spirit to help with a money issue. You could write down the names of various wealth spirits, or their seals, and then hold the pendulum over each one of them, and ask if it is the correct spirit for your problem. The pendulum will arc in a simple way to give a yes or no answer, using the ideomotor effect.


I love the pendulum method. The problem is I had a really good copper one and lost it and it’s the only one that accurately answered me. I have some other cheap ones that I got from amazon that dont really work that well…do you have any crystal pendulums youd say are best for spiritual questions ?

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You don’t need anything fancy. You are handicapping yourself if you think the copper pendulum you lost was the only one that was accurate because the pendulum is only a tool. It is your perception and intuition that actually does the divining, not what you are using.

My pendulum is simply a black synthetic stone shaped like a teardrop on a chain that I bought from my local New Age/Wicca shop. I have also used a key on a string, as recommended by Uncle Chucky, with success.

All the pendulum does is tune you into your own intuition. Use one of the cheap ones you have, and let yourself speak through it. Listen to what you already know.


@DarkestKnight is right, especially in his mention of the ideomotor effect. Though it’s a common argument for calling the occult baseless. whats important to recognize that at least on some level (depending on what you believe) the pendulum and many tools for divination are meant to allow you to access the information you already know, except that info is buried under your subconscious which is said to record all sensory input you receive in your life including the “sixth sense” or your perception of “hypo-physical data” or the info that allows you to “feel” that ____ is happening or exists. By telling yourself it only worked with the copper one, you are already priming your body to react in a way that reflects your current belief. This self fullfilling fallacy is why so many people on here say you can’t do this with the belief that its all bullshit. Cause you’re stacking the deck against yourself. Hope this info helps you out :metal:

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I did that the other day. I just pulled a single card, it was seven of cups. So I thought about it and chose Freya.

Seven of cups isn’t her card though. If you draw seven of cups at some other time it might represent something completely different.
To me, in that moment, it represented a fully legitimate “royal” god of love and victory. I had considered her, but thought that my cause would be better for a demon or darker spirit. When I saw that card and the bright artwork, I immediately knew several important things.

There is no replacement for intuition.


What if I asked what outcome Leraje would bring on my childs father and the homewrecker and got the death and judgement reversed…all great. Except then I asked how I would feel with the outcome…and for me i got 5 of cups rx, 3 of swords, ace of wands reversed and 6 of pentacles. So now I’m feeling worried like…ok leraje will get this done for me but at what price? Or maybe it wont get done the way I wanted? What is it that I owe for that? I clarified that 3 of swords to see what that’s about for me and it showed the whore…2 of cups, hierophant and queen of wands. So now I’m like ok…so shes still gonna be with him or wtf was that death and judgement card for when I asked for their outcome…this is why I’m not sure how to proceed because I intuitively felt Leraje will def excel at this but then I’m getting bad feedback for me…would u proceed with a reading like that?


Seems like you’re second guessing a lot. That’s totally normal and there are several ways to curb the habit.

Make each act of divination into a ritual, even when you pull one card for inspiration. That means have all your questions ready. Try not to ask a question that results from another card. “Oh, since I got that, then what about…”
It gets everything tied in a knot.

That’s why people devise methods to pull a lot of cards and get a complex reading. Then they have one big answer with each card holding a single position.

I probably do the opposite thing. If I pull a good card and like what it means, I stop and call it a day.
“Whelp there you have it. Everything’s fine.”
(building continues to burn)


I actually do this and learned a basic spread for this one. If it’s Goetic spirits in question, I just base it on their tarot correspondences and which card pops up, there’s the spirit I need to talk to/approach for workings.

Then, if it’s spirits in general, a simple Yes or No spread: lay down 5 cards. Major Arcana and even-numbered cards = YES. Court Cards and odd-numbered cards = NO. Observe what’s prevalent in said 5-card spread and there’s your answer. Usually, the 5 cards also depict why the spirit may or may not work with you.


@ParadoxicalPAT Where can I get the tarot correspondences for the goetic spirits?? That would be a lot of help!

And for ur second point, what if u want a yes or no on helping cause a breakup between people, and let’s say you got the death, 5 of.swords and 7 of cups…would u dead it as itll cause me more problems since theres no victory cards for me, or would u see it as a success for me and showing what would happen to the targets??

XIII Death is transitions, endings, and change. 5 of Swords is about fighting at all costs, even if it means to win you’ll still lose. 7 of Cups is about unrealistic choices such as some temptations that won’t be good in the long run or which are only based on daydreams. If I had to interpret that, it says you want your lover back yet are better off moving on instead of fighting for this idealistic fantasy of them coming back to you.

Can’t upload the actual document so here are the screenshots instead:

Then, as for the spread you’ve dealt, I usually prefer 5 cards for that to get the full details of a Yes or No but 3 cards are okay too, I guess. Unfortunately, based on how I read it I would say it’s a no. You have two No cards: 5 of swords and 7 of cups, both being odd numbered-cards. The only Yes card you have is a single Major Arcana, not to mention it’s the Death card which, as we all know, is about huge changes and endings we may not like, but will come to pass and have to accept anyway.

Also, like the previous reply before mine has stated, the 5 of swords is a futile victory: whether you heed what the cards are advising you about or STILL continue finding other ways to make the spell work and finally get what you want, in the end you still lose. It may be losing the opportunity to find a better relationship or a chance at self-improvement and learning necessary lessons in general.


This lists is so useful…thanks for sharing @ParadoxicalPAT!!

Well that kinda describes my ex…delusional, pursued his needs at all costs even though it destroyed his family and hes oblivious and has no regard for consequences…wouodnt it show this would be over for him cus he thought he can get away with it basically? How do u know if it’s for me or for the situation? Cus if it’s for the situation it’s perfect

Yeah thank u so much!!

If you’re ever in doubt, pull a clarifier card. In the future, it helps to have specific spread questions prepared beforehand so as to not get too vague an answer. For example:

“Will he stop being with her?” You could pull 8 of Cups and feel overjoyed. But because the question is so vague, the answer could mean stop being sexually involved with her, romantically involved with her, or living in the same household as he works out of town for a month. In all of these situations, the card would technically be a yes. The guy could break up with the girl, but then be banging on the weekends as a NSA arrangement.

It would be better to rephrase: “Will he stop being romantically and sexually involved with her?”

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The “decision”-Spread is also a good possibility to see a possible outcome, with a spirit or other options, in my opinion.


  1. Your motivation
  2. Your goal/best possible outcome
  3. Your values
  4. Likely outcome Option 1
  5. Likely outcome Option 2

I got interesting results with that :slight_smile:

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Would u be able to do it for me?? Please?? I get too emotionally mixed up in the answers and get confused with how to ask, whether in general or IF I work with this or that spirit how will the outcome differ etc…would u be able to give me a straight unbiased direct answer ? I’ll PM u in private

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I think the issue is not in the reading but me personally too involved to see the cards objectively lol so I cant read correctly for myself

Ok so I tried it out a bit differently, maybe you can help me understand this cus it seems some of the cards are talking about me and not them…
My basic question while shuffling was "if I work with the goetia from now till October to stop this wedding in november and break them up, what can I likely expect "

1- my motivation : The Moon clarified by Judgement and The World

2- my goal: 9 of swords clarified by queen of cups (is this talking about this being my goal to stop the emotional trauma and torment its causing me? Or is this what I wanna cause them?) Bc my main reason is to stop suffering for so long and to have justice for my Son

3 likely outcome option 1 for them: 5 of swords clarified by 6 of cups (also looks like hes betraying us, me and our child for his self indulgence , but the question was best possible outcome for them) I used oracles for the 6 of cups to see if this is about us and it’s not. Its referring to their karmic relationship. The cards that came out for the 6 of cups was karmic partner, divine timing, and cycles.

4- like outcome option 2 for them: the chariot and the lovers

5- best possible outcome for them: 7 of swords, clarified by queen of pentacles, justice, and clarified by 10 of swords. (I worry about that one bc justice represents libra which is me and also I want this done for justice , so I’m afraid its saying justice will be defeated with 10 of swords? Or I wont get my justice?

I keep confusing it with me and them bc I been betrayed for so long. Any insight into this reading ?

P.s - I asked how would my enemy feel in this possible outcome if I broke the relationship before her wedding and she got the high priestess, death, and 8 of swords. I’m a bit freaked out as she is known to be extremely cunning and possibly spiritually involved as well.