Using sigils to get what you want

I have read that article by EA a bunch of times . In it it says to gaze and the sigil and imagine what you want … Or something similar .

But it never says what you would give the demon . What if you gaze and the sigil and pour your intentions into it and you actually get what you want . What will you give the demons ? Is it up to you ?


I do believe E.A. has said many times that the task itself is what your giving the demon, most of them just want to act upon this world in whatever way they can. Others want acknowledgement for what they do for you, because the more their names are out there the more they grow.

Now unless a spirit specifically asks me for something unique i proceed that way, Most offerings besides blood are just acknowledgements and attention, the easiest one is to burn some incense or a candle to them, or put a glass of something, water, wine,liquor over the sigil for a few hours. Little things like that usually work just find.


I give thanks various times, send energy from all the pores towards the sigil or imagining the entity. When it happens to bleed, it’s possible to put blood drops on the sigil.


Diabetic lance … one or several drops of blood. Think of the drops like tipping at a fine restaurant except that demons have want they want but the thought is still cherished.


Giving blood to daemons always shows up here and there.
Can someone explain what does a droplet of human blood means to those cool mighty spirits??


I think it’s due to the vital energy that our blood contains


If you read this thread and watch the video you might get an insight on this

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