Using sigils or some other manifestation method to encounter items related to past lives

Has anyone tried to manifest or attract items or documents that were important to their previous lives to get some kind of external proof or information that’s more clear than what you would see in a past-life regression vision? Has anyone been able to use sigils or some similar method to encounter items significant to their previous lives and ask to be able to recognize these items once found?

I am gleaning from your question that you wish to be lead to tangible pieces to a puzzle for your past life?
Perhaps a leading?

I’ve actually tried a sigil to encounter physical items that give me concrete information about my past lives- within 24 hours I had the sudden urge to go browsing in random shops that I don’t normally go to and certain works of art and books did draw my attention, but most of them did not seem to have any connection to previous visions I’ve had when doing past life regression on myself.

When you reach out to the Ancients always journal those notions. The pictures may very well hold a clue to your past.
You might read up about and consult Marbas.
He reveals that which is secret.
You never know! I hope you find your answers:)

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i have as a goal for my future work to find my body which was left in north korea after it was killed in a human wave attack, then bulldozed over. still kinda trippin in how the hell I know that, but maybe that will be part of the story.