Using servitors to attack a target

I’ve heard of death sigils and the like but I would like to know if a servitor can be used to carry out an assassination. What are the advantages and disadvantages compared to requesting a demon carry out the task.

I’m thinking it could be a good method because you avoid the cost of asking an entity. You could program it to feed off your hatred of the target and there is less complication involved in cancelling the attack.

Has anyone tried this?


Oh of course they can, i made one not necessarily to kill people but more of a attack dog to keep people i dont like away from me, the advantage is servitor are quick and can be called by just calling there name in you head and telling them what to do, a disadvantage is that they arent that bright or powerful as demon so keep that into consideration


Yes you can, two things are important, that you program it well and feed it enough energy. Servitor that has been fed a lot and regularly can be pretty powerful and can be used multiple times. Never feed it your own energy, more than enough energy sources out there to feed it from.


How to create one ?

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what are servitors? I’m a begineer so please don’t mind me but where can I learn more?

@MahirMorshed a servitor is a thoughtform, created and imbued with life by a magician. They can be created with whatever form and for whatever purpose you desire. They are a staple within the Chaos Magick paradigm.

@Maca_W if you want instructions on how to create a servitor, a simple Google search will turn up dozens of web pages that will give you all the information you need.

There are also plenty of books on the subject, like “Magickal Servitors” by Damon Brand, “Create A Servitor” by John Kreiter, or “Creating Magical Entities,” by Taylor Ellwood and Michael Cunningham.


thank you so much. Are Damon Brand’s books good?

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Some people here have had great results from Brand’s books.

I, personally, have found them a bit hit and miss, but that could just be a personal thing. I’m currently giving the Gallery of Magick stuff another try, to see if I can get any better results than I did previously.


Brands book on magickal servitors is exellent​:heavy_check_mark::ok_hand:

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Ok. Just a thought. If you actually have to Ask how to do combat dont you think it would be a bad idea just going around attacking people?

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