Using rodent corpses' for Black Majick

So I figured I would repost this here being it seems more appropriate for this sub-forum.
Long story short I acquired a mouse carcass today (which I killed myself because it was running around the kitchen I work in),and I plan on taking it home to use for ritual.
Now I’m well aware it could most likely be used for a baneful working but I was wondering if anyone else had any other ideas?
Perhaps there’s a use for the blood?
I’ve never used anything like this in ritual besides insects so I’m open to all possibilities.
Thanks in advance!


you could use that as offering to trigger any spell you desire to cast. You’ll just need to find the right words that will make your offering to appear with use to whom you offer it. There’s more about offering and spell casting I know still in use here if you wish to know regardless of the rodent.

Evoce Lucier and give it to him as an offer, says in the TG that he likes that.

Well being I just contacted Lucifer last night and asked him to show me what I need to do to advance in my path I’ll take this as one hell of a sign!
I’ll read through the TG again as I seem to have missed that detail.

Thanks brother!


Sacrifice yourself.

Ok dude I get it.You don’t agree with what I’m doing.But could you please be an adult and quit trolling my threads?

This is a forum about BLACK Majick.Morals are supposed to be set aside.If you disagree that’s fine.You’re entitled to your opinion but try and be mature about your opinions.

If you want to have an intelligent debate on why you think this is wrong then I’m totally cool with that but just trolling and continually telling me to sacrifice myself makes you look like a moron.


Yes, please stop acting like a child and actually contribute something of worth to the forum.

Musta_Krackish - I believe sacrifices are meant to be done while the animal is still alive. Spirits like the warm blood of an animal.
If Lucifer appreciates an animal sacrifice then give him one, I don’t think he will think much of blood from a [already] dead rodent.
This is the head of the infernal empire we are talking about here!
Respect must be shown.

Maybe DGLN will be kind enough to offer himself as a sacrifice?

I thought about this tooDeathwish.I’m actually getting ready to consult Lucifer on whether or not he would accept the offering or not.I didn’t plan on just blindly giving it him.It just seemed like too much of a coincidence and my gut instinct told me it was a sign.But maybe the sign was telling me he wants a fresh sacrifice that I need to find myself.

I will let you all know how it goes.


Obviously it is you who does not understand what I am saying. You do not know the true meaning of sacrifice.

Deathwish…I DO sacrifice myself all the time to the Powers. Maybe you should know what you are talking about before commenting.

Learn what true sacrifice is then get back to me.

You came across like someone who is offended by animal sacrifice.
Or at least that is how I saw it.

I understand what you have said about self sacrifice, and do I agree with you.

If you had said a bit more than just “Sacrifice yourself.” it wouldn’t have been interpreted that way. Most of the time when people make short comments that are a bit vague they are trolling or expressing their dissatisfaction.