Using questions instead of affirmations?!?!

I was re reading Jason Miller’s Real Sorcery and he share something interesting : “people ask something but never how to get it.”

If we extrapolate this, would it be more effective to turn affirmation into questions?

Like, instead of using “I’m successful”, would something like “How can i be more successful than now?” be more powerful?

Would this be a petition? Would this is counterproductive to recognize there’s a lack?

Afformations, also known as askfirmations, are affirmative phrases posed as questions. Generally they begin with why or how. For example, the Daily Practice in Damon Brand’s Wealth Magick is to focus on the sensation of beauty and then ask yourself “Why am I so wealthy?” and “How did I come to be so wealthy?”

No, you’re not petitioning anyone. Afformations are questions you ask yourself.