Using Plural on conjurations-invocations

Sorry for the title of the thread but i couldn’t find something more suitable.
I receive much more powerful presence from the spirits when i use the ‘‘We’’ instead of ‘‘I’’.
For example instead of ‘‘i call thee powerful…’’, i say ‘‘We call the powerful…’’ and i get almost twice the energy.I tested it many times and i can tell for sure that it draws more power,or at least that’s how it feels for me.

Interesting, and new - so I like it! :slight_smile:

Have you tried scrying into who “we” is, maybe via your own face and a black mirror? Or am I being too weird… :wink:

I thought about it and i had the impression of a multiversion of my self or something like that.Like every subtle body of me is following what i do and i draw more power.I can’t tell for sure who is ‘‘we’’ or maybe i’m afraid to search deeper.

This is tying in so closely with what I’ve been seeing lately, basically the spirits within us (for example, the demon N. within me, the angel N. within me - even the spirits of distinct people, and animals) - it’s very “coincidental”!

One thing I admit I’ve never got about the adversarial stuff in black magick is that everytthing emanates forth from the self, as a lens for the Source - so, all you’re doing from life to life, mask to mask, is changing what you’re NOT (since the Source is both everything and no-thing) - so, “Eva” is not male, not a panther, etc., but what’s behind Eva is all those things, and no-ONE thing.

Dunno what is, therefore, the “adversary” - but I’m not that bothered either, I guess if it’s something I need to know about, it’ll show up in a form I can finally comprehend.

It’s really peculiar stuff anyway, and I probably sound like some kind of hippie talking about it! :smiley:

This is what i was afraid to search for.I feel like the ‘‘We’’ is replacing my ego with something more powerful and deeper and my mind wants to recognize exactly what’s going on.We fear what we don’t ‘‘know’’ and that’s why i didn’t bother to dig deeper.

I don’t know if this is useful or even if it will work (how’s that for a resounding recommendation! :D) but a primary purpose of my theogenesis exercises is to create a kind of ego structure that can handle reality being, basically, totally not real to me a lot of the time, and my own personality dissolving round the edges into other beings, states, etc.

It was also bringing up aspects of my remembered-past and possible-future self, that were pretty hard to deal with - just when you think you’ve dealt with your personal (psychological) demons, they come prancing back out for an encore, bringing new future nymphs-of-nuttiness with them!

Think of the darkest potential future directions your life could take, and then look at the mistakes you made in the past, and imagine those all appearing as evident FACTS to try and lull you into going the “probable” route into decay… entropy as the enemy, and all that stuff. It was nasty!

I’m a lot less psycho on a day-to-day basis than that probably sounds, but I’m also aware of the total dissolution/disintegration of ego I found at the end of the RHP, how hard it was to live in adverse circs (as I was at the time) in that state, and of course this time round, it’s both unnecessary AND counter-productive to LHP goals to even go that route.

The stuff I found about “To become a god, you have to essentially embrace and attain the focus of a demon” underlies this idea - kind of being able to better approach the total dissolution of “reality” experienced the closer you get to Source/chaos, by creating a kind of “spacesuit” from solidified focused intention.

Stuff like chanting my godname, doing the “LHP yoga” postures and so on have been helpful so far, as has deepening my connection to Hathor who I feel a lot of love for, and then I have moments like picking up dog crap or getting a fee on a bill I was late paying, or stubbing my toe, and wonder what the fuck I even think I’m playing at?!

So, that how I’m handling it, and I may just end up crazy, throwing piss at the wardens in some hospital and telling myself it’s Goddess Eva’s Golden Wrath or something, so I’m not typing this like I have it all sussed out or anthing. :slight_smile:

I understand how deep it goes and i agree with everything you wrote.I saw this concept of ‘‘We’’ in some grimoires.’‘Blessed us’’,’‘Give us’’ etc.It gives me the feeling of a global entity which i’m part of it somehow, and this entity trancends my limitations and my fault egoic perception.

The first time i tested it with NAP and i had much more powerful presence from Arzel and Nitika.Then with other beeings and invocations,and the result was the same.The presence was much more tangible.

Not sure why, but there have been times during ritual when I felt the need to call myself ‘we’ instead of '‘me or I’. Had no clue why I felt the urge to do that so I thought, the spirits would think I was nuts well, at least the right spirit would have made a joke out of it and said something like who is we? You and the voices inside your head? Oh wait, I am one of the voices inside your head.

Never forget though that your old Mark 1 Ego™ :o) perceived just enough really great stuff to get you onto this path, so it did its job like a booster rocket and isn’t/wasn’t all bad, or limited, because it saw further than itself?

The first time i tested it with NAP and i had much more powerful presence from Arzel and Nitika.Then with other beeings and invocations,and the result was the same.The presence was much more tangible.

Sweet! I was thinking after I posted about the time I saw some kind of “legion”/choir/weird shit in my spine, I think E.A. may have seen something similar in his walls, then the way Balam and Buné have multiple faces for a lot of people… I posted some linkiage here anyway about those similarities… <scratches head in befuddlement!>

Just saw RA’s post and it reminded me of something else - the ruling Monarchs of England have always referred to themselves as “we” - it’s a joke, the “Royal We” (implying WEE) - holy carp, it’s a Thing - …ah, the plot thickens… :wink:

I guess you’re right about the egoic self Eva.I can understand his role.

I think the ‘‘Royal We’’ describes much better the mood behind the word.