Using Personal Energy v. Energy From Your Environment

Hey, thanks so much for the great books and videos - they’re truly pearls beyond price.

What I’m asking about is the simple ‘muscle’ behind a lot of different spiritual actions to affect the world around us - for lack of a better word summed up “Energy”.

There are a lot of techniques involving drawing energy in from your surroundings, whether it’s ‘ambient’, tied to the location, ‘summoned’, vampirised, or whatever. But it can be very tempting to try transcending the need for energy sourced from anyone or anything but Yourself!

Is there a “safe” (or at least sensible) way to do this? What would you consider the pros and cons of these two approaches, and is there another, better way to go about this? What do you use most personally, or does it depend on the work?

Thanks so much for this and everything!


EDIT - For clarity, what I’m really getting at is that although there are plenty of ways to raise and increase your personal reservoir of “energy” that I know of, is there substance to warnings that using this too much for magical ‘heavy lifting’ carries the danger of “burning you out”?