Using Pentacles of Mars

How do you do it exactly? I want to use the third pentacle which causes hate between people, so I wait til the hour and day of Mars, draw it out and burn some incense and then what do I do with the pentacle? Open it like a sigil and say the names of the people I want to target?


Do this

Make 1st pentacle of mars(bigger in size ) Which has 4 spirits names written around it.
These 4 spirits control other pentacles associated with mars.

then draw 3rd pentacle of mars. ( smaller in size ) and place it inside the 1st penatcle. place photo of target above it.

recite psalms assocaited with 3rd pentacle.

Call on the spirits 1st pentacle and ask them to work with 3 rd penatcle.

Burn candles around the names and on the 3rd pentacle.

Do this on a regular basis


ok, thank you, i don’t have a pic of the targets, well one of them, but the other only their name.

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try it out and let us know if it worked

So far I’ve only tried it the way I said in my first post, i will try the other way next tuesday.

What about the fourth pentacle of saturn ? its not mars but how would you activate that one?