Using music as a trigger to switch modes of experience

A very cool thing to try:

Do you notice how, when you walk the street and then suddenly put on your favorite tune on your headphones, you shift completely depending on what you’re listening to.
Music affects the left, right and animal part of the brain - instantly.

What if you, i ritual asked a spirit/demon/angel/god/goddess to,
when you turn on a song to help you go deep into x or y modes of your content…;

Examples: soundtrack from the Crow or the crow city of angels
as these are examples of what can help you enter a state of trance - combining that with a spirit
can help you turn on the connection on and off - you can ask a being of your choice to
start at the beginning and end at the end of the track/album or when you turn the song or album off…

just throwing in some examples , also to expand upon in any way you feel like - it’s also very cool to do when requesting that for rituals, or when you have someone coming over and you wish to shift the energy of the room, yourself,…;

Cheers! :wink:

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