Using multiple spells?

Is it bad to use multiple love spells at once? Like will it make my target love me more ? Or will it possibly backfire. I have sigils … going to try a honey jar and then throw every love spell I have at him. Is this a bad idea ?

You can try a multilayered spell.

Just be sure that every layer are for a different thing, so there is no overlap. I can’t really tell if the overlap would kill the magick or anything, but no overlap surely isn’t a bad thing.

I just worked seven petitions to demons to work in seven different aspects of something I want done, so I told every single one of them with whom I had worked with and with whom I was going to work with. Now I’m waiting for the results.

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Previously I did use two different spell casters once on the same target and it ultimately went bad- one sensed that I had and said she felt it had interfered as the energies weren’t compatible. So I would caution against doing too much but if it’s all you yes you can layer

There’s nothing wrong with using multiple “ spells “