Using more than one curse on same person

So I thought about using more than one curse on the same person. Example: today I do the ugly stick curse then tomorrow I do the chicken feet binding curse on the same person.

Could one counteract the other and somehow backfire on me?


It’s up to you, are you doing multiple curses because you don’t think the first one worked? If you feel you have to keep adding on only a day apart you should work on confidence and/or take the time to make a curse really dedicated to them and have full faith it is done.

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I have yet to have a stack of spells on one person backfire. That said, If I’m going to pile on the spellwork, it’s going to be because I want to make the target suffer in more than one way.

Example: hot footing a toxic person only worked for a couple of months, so I decided to send something nasty after the target instead :smiling_imp:

Something nasty? Care to elaborate?

I’ll post results when I have something worth sharing :smiling_imp:

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You can layer spells and entities that complimemt each other. Use a demon of lust to have them only attracted to skeevy dirty sexual partners. Combine that with another demon who causes sickness but the catch is no death or nothing permanent. Last, slam a curse on them that every time they sleep with someone “BOOM!” They contract a nasty ass std AND/OR transmit one if already affected causing social backlash

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