Using more basic sigil magick with Kingdom of Flames?

Can I use more basic sigil magick to work with the spirits in Kingdom of Flames? The one I have in mind is the one from Masterworks of Chaos Magick. I understand the book’s system is for evocation, but still it’d strip so much from the original system, including a great deal of the protection.

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Make it basic as long as it works for you and your intent. There are many different ways to make a sigil and prepare it, some more complicated than others. What method you choose depends on you and what you want to throw into the abyss.

When working with a sigil, the power comes from the actions and intent of creating the symbol itself. The process of taking an intention and transforming it into a magical symbol encodes the meaning of that symbol and it’s magical potential from your mind and should be something that you personally have created for this magical tool to be effective.

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Oh no I mean using the spirit sigils in the book. I’m very familiar with Chaos Magick Sigils and I’ve used many in the past, but I’d like to work with the spirits in Kingdom of Flames.


I haven’t read that book yet, but have read several others.

I’d say go for it. If you have a method you get results with, then why not try it? You can always add complexity until you get the results you’re looking for, right?

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I guess when you look at the old systems of spirit magick, we’ve stripped away like 90% of the ritual and they work amazing, so you’re right. I guess it’s mostly the safety part I’m worried about, I have trouble working outside of a system.

I don’t mind systems, but I don’t typically work within one :slight_smile:

I look at old systems in a few different ways.

One is that they could only use what they could get their hands on, so some kept it really simple, and the better off ones used more complex stuff. Can’t really say which was more effective, as the better off ones could write things down.

Another is that the same (presumably) Deities and better known spirits were called and used by people with radically different cultures and knowledge availability. While the first is more about the materials used in the act, this is more about the knowledge used for the act.

When I look at these two areas (which can definitely be explained better by other people), I see that it’s less about the system and materials, and more about intent and ability. I normally strip down everything that’s “needed” for something and keep adding until I get a result. I’m not opposed to adding a little more to get a better result, but I want something to show before adding more.

I won’t say that my evocations haven’t gotten more complex. They have. When I first started, I had headphones and ritual music, an emergency candle, and used a camping sewing kit for blood offerings. I’ve since added incense and give blood offerings via lancets and use both cheap store incense and resin incense. It works for me.