Using magick to make them fitness gains

Good genes are always a blessing. I was carded recently when I started working out…I thanked her and recommend she get her eyes checked haha. I am not as tall as most gents so I may seem younger upon first glance. Regardless, enjoy that benefit to the fullest my friend.

Thank you, everyone, for participating in this knowledge gathering. All of your responses have been added to paper for better referral in the present and future. It is appreciated.

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Pizza is generally not healthy, salt, processed foods with non-useful fats…etc
And why not use oil?! Olve oil is, in fact, a great fat intake.

Pizza IS healthy if you make your own with none of the crap they put in the mass produced or frozen ones. Basic dough for the base can be flour and milk. Tomato sauce is easy enough to make if you don’t want to buy but there are low salt and healthy versions out there. You wouldn’t use oil or regular cheese if you want to lose weight. Low fat cheese. Fresh vegetables. Lean meat. I DID specify make your own. For the record I lost weight this way, as have others I have advised. All have kept it off years down the track.

There is a book called Beyond Brawn by Staurt McRobert

It explains to the bone, everything revovled around basic training science and nutrition for natural lifters.

It is especially useful for older men and women, who have occupied lives and desire a training system which works.

Todays training philisophy proffessionals use are not optimal for the average, low to average genetic potential natural lifter.

Training should be based off of subjectivity, focusing on heavy compound movements with optimal recovery preiods and a higher frequency of protien synthesis, all while matched with a superb meal plan and and adequate sleep and rest.

This, is how you improve in the gym. Is anything else necessary?

Lol I have that exact book. Picked it up in a bookstore 2nd hand for $5. The hardest part is working out the essence of what they are trying to say in all these books and taking what is useful FOR YOU.

The book is amazing.

I can teach you the essence if you like.

Im no proffessional, but I put up some good weight and size my my age (17) and have read plenty books. If theres one thing I know about alot, its training.

No offence Nick but I have shoes older than you mate lol! Seriously I have been reading this stuff for years and due to various things what works for others doesn’t for me. I tend to add and drop things as I need to. Wait until you’re older and you will see the changes. Things that were ok for you are then considered bad for you and then it comes back to being good for you. Take butter for example.

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Ahahhaah omg lol :joy::joy::joy:.

Well, I dont know, bodybuildings my biggest passion in life, I have to preach it :grin: