Using magick to change your physical looks

My friend wants to perform evocations to boost his physcial attractivenes to change his looks to the point where he is not recognizable. Is this possible to perform ? Will the entities and deities he call on help him with this? This something that he really wants can he really accomplish this.


Tell him to look into biokinesis.


I don’t think that can change you physical appearance 100% :sweat_smile:
But boasting attractiveness they can
But talking about physical appearance
To begin with things like getting a fit body or clearing skin thos are somethings that you still have to work on while they help you
So you can’t sit down and expect to look like leonardo dicaprio over night
So what they can do is that they show you the beauty/handsomeness in you
allow people to see it and notice it
As they slowly glow you up with the sparks you already have . And you do need to put some self care to begin with

But No
you can’t trun to michael jackson 1979 to michael jackson 1997 over one evocation …unless you want to do some illusion shit.


I second this. Tell him to check out biokinesis on youtube. There are plenty of subliminal / frequency video/audio on there that do work. He can do visualisations. It’s a process that can take as little as a few days to many months. It works.


There’s a kind of magic called Glamour and it uses illusion to change the body.

While the above is a highly advanced state of Glamour it is very possible. A few years ago there was a guy on the forum who claimed he could move the stars, but we figured out that he was actually casting a Glamour on the sky so as to create the illusion that he was moving the stars. As he had personal witnesses among his real life friends, but when we asked him to move something like one of the stars on Orion’s Belt, we didn’t see anything.


If your trying to grow longer hair (facial hair or otherwise) I’ve been having good experiences with taking someone’s energy, purifying it, and moving it into my face. My beard and mustache are growing like weeds. It only took nineteen and a half years.


Magick doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Ask your friend what is the reasoning behind wanting to change his physical looks.

Is it to attract girls? Perhaps he is feeling insecure?

Whatever the reason, it is usually better to attack the source of the problem.

If he wants to attract girls, tell him to contact someone who specializes in this.

If he is feeling insecure, he should work on becoming more confident.

Keep it simple.

And if he really wants to just change his physical appearance (which I doubt is just that), then tell him to eat healthy, workout, and do other physical procedures. :grin:

If he insists, I remember that there are a few angels that can help with keeping motivation and increasing workout results.

And I’m sure there are demons that can do the same.

Changing your physical looks like a skin would be some really high level shit, which he wouldn’t be able to do. :slight_smile:

Perhaps illusion magick, that others have mentioned… never have dabbled in that though, so can’t recommend much. :yum:

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Thanks man I will tell him what you said. But he said he is going to evoke gods to help him change all looks to the point where he is not recog

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@bfields5 Is it possible to perform? Probably. If people can physically walk between worlds, reanimate dead bodies, and conjure Spirits in the flesh, then I can’t see why this can’t be done. Is it easy? No. The only time I’ve heard of a full physical change is during the transmogrification at the point of Apotheosis. I do think we have at least one full on Lich here on this forum, so if that’s what you are going for there are people you can ask, but beyond that I don’t think there’s much more I can say.


How did you steal the energy? I want to steal energy to make my face look younger

Youtube has many many videos.

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how would you say to go about it ?

Try the method I talked about in your thread about this first now and see what happens.