Using magick to blow my musical career

Hi !

I’ve been making music for a while and never managed to exceed 300 listenings on Soundcloud. I find it frustrating to spend hours writing, composing, producing music for so few results… Yet I know I have talent and so do my family and friends.

I don’t aspire to be world famous like Ariana Grande or Rihanna, this kind of celebrity doesn’t interest me. I would like to use the magick to “boost” my visibility and for example to be known in underground music and do small concerts from time to time in bars for example. How could I do that?

I’d like to avoid invoking demons, I’ve never done that…

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This cuts out a lot of what many of us can suggest from our experiences, although there are some right hand path folks (and actually a RHP sub-forum here) that may be able to help.


I recommend evoking(not invoking) a demon or God and asking for help. Or trying a ritual or something.

I’d recommend picking up Damon Brand’s book 72 Angels of Magick. There are many angels in there that can help artists of all types.

For example, Raahel can “increase fame and reputation”

Iyahel can increase the number of people who know about you

Harachel can “influence the press” to help get you some publicity.

Poiel can “increase fame and fortune” and “bring fame through talent”


You could also look at sigils and/or servitors of your own creation to achieve your goals.

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Never knew there were that many angels who could bring you fame. Are there any demons who do the same?

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You may work with King paimon or Lucifer . They can help in your music greatly. There is Phenex and Amduscias too… Even I’m working with Lucifer for the same cause, to become a great musician.

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