Using magick on another's

Sorry I’m really bad at searching old threads.

But if you are wanting something for another person…but it also benefits you…do you use the same type of rituals and mediations? Or maybe certain processes help bestowing unto others?

Well I really want my significant other to be happier, in less pain (mentally and physically) and another’ job that isnt strenuous with long hours.
So ideally I’d want him in a better situation to where he can make a plethora of money, have more personal time, and all without sufferage.

I’ve already assisted him with abundance but I need to be more specific now.
Any thoughts or suggestions?

I don’t see any difference from doing magick for yourself or others, Both are about making your desires come to pass, so yeah. If you have gotten success before then keep doing it, just have him as the focus of it. Out of curiosity, does he know your doing rituals on his behalf?

He knows what I do in general, and I told him that I’m helping with bringing good things into our life. I haven’t said “I’m doing a ritual focused on you” or anything like that. He respects me, but I try not to be all in his face about it.
He knows I mean well…