Using Magick from a distance

So here’s what I mean by the title. I want to influence someone’s thoughts/feelings, however they live quite a far distance from me. Normally I wouldn’t even ask this but I’m curious as to see if anyone has done this successfully. I’m sure evocation can produce the results I’m looking for, though I’m wondering if I need to do that.

Mental influence, aka remote influence, can be used instead. It takes some time and effort usually, though, unless you already have a strong connection to the target.

Magick is about the projection of energy (amongst other things), and that doesn’t have any confines besides your imagination. The person can be in the next room or half way across the world, makes no difference. So, just go about your Working as you would any other.

We’re all connected by thoughts. Like a web. Think about it like this. If you send an email to someone in China in seconds. What makes you think that distance makes a difference Whe. Sending magic. Open your mind.

This all makes great sense and now I know how to proceed. Sometimes I forget I’m a magician and not an ordinary person anymore. My working is an ongoing task as I don’t see it done until the results are manifested. I’m making some progress however.

There is a technique where you brighten your third eye and the third eye of the other, then you imagine a cord from your third eye to the third eye of the other person. Brighten both third eyes and the cord. And visualise the face of the person you are seeking to influence. It helps to have a photo so you can visualize the person. This technique is from the j o s power meditation site. The psychic warfare book from Casimono states that photos of the person contain their energy on them as energy has a way of ‘sticking’ to things.