Using 'love' as a weapon to overcome fear

So this is something I have been playing around with a bit lately. Whenever I feel afraid for no logical reason during meditation, which tends to happen to me rather often, I send out a ball of ‘loving’ energy to ‘consume’ whatever is causing that fear

This ‘love’ is very different from the sickening, feeling of powerlessness that I experienced when I took new age bs seriously. The best way I can describe it is a force that either transforms or destroys everything in its path in accordance with one’s will.

Sorry if this doesn’t make much sense. I’m still trying to figure this out myself. But I think I made a breakthrough in my battle against fear and just wanted to share.

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It makes lot of sense. It is what Father Crowley and Choronzon 333 taught us:
Love is the Law, Love under Will

Excellent method

I May be shitfaced drunk but this topic reminds me of later chapters of Stephen
Kings IT

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It does make sense. Didn’t Crowley say “Love is the law”? And, by that, he didn’t mean maudlin goo. I got a lesson, once, from a teacher. We were in a store in NYC. I was standing about 10 feet behind him, as he was at the counter, and I was inspecting some stuff on a shelf. A really janky looking creep came in and stood next to him, giving him a look that seemed to say, “I’d kill you, if we weren’t in public.”. I have a very protective nature (Scorp in many places) and had to resist the urge to walk up and stand between them (not that my teacher ever needs any help with anything). I mentally asked how to overcome my urge to violence. Immediately, a huge beam of light, like a, like a search light, shot out of my heart towards the interloper. And, for a bit, when it started, black crumbs flew out of my heart, like that scene in the Green Mile, when the magic guy heals the guard, and the black flies come out in a cloud. Finally, it was just powerful light from the heart, shooting at the creep, no sugary feelings.

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