Using Incantations

I am asking experienced users of the magickal arts, how to dedicate yourself to using incantations, steps, and practical application. If you could please tell me and other new users how to, and incantations that you found successful.

Thank you.
Be blessed.

I think you need to establish a context for your question.

Incantations of demons and spirits and angels? Chants for self-improvement and self-focus, like mantras?

What are you referring to?

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I have read that other took a new incantation, and on their first try made it work for them. So I wanted to know what were they practicing to get themselves to a point of, hear my words, and obey.

I would suggest looking into glossolalia for this.


Oh, thank you. I was going to see if there was an entitie that helps with throat shakra, and help with incantations, thank you everyone